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Daycare using timeout for a 16 month old? Lock Rss

I would be asking how long he was in there for? A bit worrying, they could have had him in there for ages.
And time out at 16 months? Still a little young IMO. I started around 18ish months for my DS, and it took him a while to catch on. I can't imagine a 16 month old is going to understand the reason WHY he has been shoved in a corner in a high chair. At that age distraction and removing the objects would work better surely?
I would be speaking to the director-I find it quite disgusting TBH.

would it be OK if he was timed out in a playpen?

Not particularly. Time out isn't about strapping them down or locking them away, it's about removing them from a situation and giving them the chance to calm down and maybe think about what they are doing. They aren't going to be doing any of those things at 16 months, so what's the point? Make it easier on the carers?
I think its very inappropriate.. and agree 100% with the super nanny timeout period. It breaks DD's heart when she gets 3.5 minutes in her bedroom when she doesnt listen. Never once have I strapped her into something as punishment as a mother, so cannot condone a childcare centre doing so. Some of these places are unreal arent they!

My son is 17 months and quite afraid of the counting 1,2,3 so he quickly stops doing something when I start that.. for now anyway.. but I wouldnt dream of disciplining him in any other manner than the timeout in his bedroom when the time comes!

I'd be organising a meeting with the c/care centre and taking action!

Amanda, NSW.. Mummy to Dakota 24 months & bub #2 d

would it be OK if he was timed out in a playpen?

For me, no.
I dont find time out an appropriate form of discipline at 16 months old.
I think that is so wrong and you should make a complaint.

I would be upset if I found my child like that, I don't think it is appropriate either. I would be speaking to the director about it and finding out, just how long was he in there and how long were they going to leave him in there.
Removing him from the situation and using distraction methods should have been all they needed to do.
My SIL in the US has her 2 yr old in daycare and she has access to a video camera in the childs room that a parent can access at anytime during the day to see how the kids are doing, sounds like a good idea for here too!
It depends....

Had they already tried distracting him or removing him from the situation?

How long had he been sitting in the highchair?

What state was he in when they took him out of the highchair?

I couldn't make a call on this one until I knew more...

But IMO if other avenues were tried first unsuccessfully then I probably wouldn't have too much of a problem with it (as long as he wasn't just put in there and left for ages).

Nigel Latta has interesting views regarding time out.


No Early Childhood service I have ever worked in has used time out.
The centre should have their policies on display in the foyer or such, and so I would look through their policies and find the one they have for behaviour guidance and see if what they have is in line with what they did. If not, I'd be taking it further.
My daycare centre uses the same method of time out, and i dont have a problem with it. I understand that your child is still really little, but he can still understand no otherwise he is going to continue to disobey the teachers. Its harder for them unlike people at home they have to control 12 kids. I think it was a reasonable punishment AS LONG as it was only for a short amount of time.
I would speaking to the director that is so inappropriate, they only ever do distraction and redirection at our day care.

I would speaking to the director that is so inappropriate, they only ever do distraction and redirection at our day care.

I quite regularly pick my niece up from day care - she has been going there for 3 years now, so progressed from the baby room to now the kinder room and i can assure you this is not appropriate behaviour for a child care centre
Totally agreew ith AmAndWillsMummy, whenever i have been to the centre for a prolonged period, perhaps to read a story or afternoon tea time, the stafff at this centre are appropriately "trained" (not too sure whether that is the right word) to distract, redirect and/or console a child.
To be honest, the staff at this centre sound inexperienced, naive and lazy and yes i would be talking to the director immediately
This is not a debate about what is appropriate time out behaviour at home, the centre should have its own policies and i would believe the director would be shocked.
Out of curiosity, how many carers in your childs room? and how many children? Sounds like they are not adhering to the actual child/carer ratios that are set in place by law, or the carers aren't in the right job!
eeeeeek ..... what ever happened to remove and distract ??? goodness me ..I would be livered !!!!

Grace is now nealry 13months old and when she does something that she knows she is not to do then I give her a tap on the hand and she is taken away from the TV (her main offender ) and she is put on the naughty step ..I know she understands cause before she pushes the button on the telly she looks at me and gives me her cheeky face ...I do the same when she runs away from me and gos on the road ..she is tapped on the hand and taken inside to sit ont he stair ...she knows alright ..I think time out is appropriate but not when they are strapped into an object that they go in trouble for pushing in the first place would be like me strapping Grace to the road or the TV ....that is just stupid !!!

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