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Daycare using timeout for a 16 month old? Lock Rss

The one main issue I have with this scenario is.....Safety- IMO a highchair is NOT a suitable or safe place to place a young child for a time out and I would find it difficult to believe they (the staff) would have constantly supervised your son while he was strapped into the chair, considering the setting.

There are many more suitable places or pieces of furniture they could have given your son a time out on and I would be discussing this with the director as a matter of safety first of all.

I would ask how long your DS was made sit in the highchair, if they tried any other methods of behaviour management before time out was used and why they took this approach for a child of his age and stage of development; though they may just tell you what you want to hear rather than the truth. I would personally love to hear their rationale for placing a 16 month old in time out....

I personally do not use time out in children under 2, instead I use redirection and distraction. Even in a care setting with numbers of children I believe redirecting your son would have taken up less time then picking him up and strapping him into a high chair.....
Just curious - did your son go to daycare today? Did you speak with some-one about the incident yesterday?
His not in again until next Tuesday, and after the day I had with him today I think they were probably right!

Argh! We have just moved house and he has turned feral, I'm not sure how much is typical behaviour of this age. But dropping jars of Dolmino sauce, slapping, kicking, biting, screaming, tantrum throwing, slamming doors, attempting to smash plates, throwing food, drink bottles, ripping open cupboards, drawers and emptying the entire contents...

I spoke to DH, he was not in a naughty corner but in the centre of the room and he was laughing. Which sounds exactly like him. Any form of 'punishment' he finds hilarious. Other kids were talking to him and so were carers (DH was watching for a few secs beforehand).

He asked is he about to be fed. And was told DS is having a little timeout so we can rearrange the room and sort the other kids out because there was a bit of ruckus. Then they turned to him and said his been a bit of cheeky boy, and DS laughed.

When DH left DS waved, laughed and said 'ta ta!'.

So doesn't sound like he was tramatised, but I definitely will be raising it. I just don't see how it would be effective, but I can understand lookign after a lot of kids and needing a break, as long as he wasn't in any distress..hmm!
It sounds as thought it wasnt as much as a distraction but a way for the workers to contain him so they could sort out the other kids.

From what you have said he may be acting out because he is in a new home and isnt adjusting to the change as well. Is the daycare a new one for him too?

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