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Ok, help me, can you pls read this email I just got sent Lock Rss

Ok so we just advertised out car for sale on the local online paper and got an email from a guy enquiring if it was still for sale and the final price, so I replied that yes it is still for sale, the price we are asking or any other reasonable offer made and that I could email a pic if he wanted.
This is the reply I just received...

I am happy to read from you,i really appreciate it,i am an oceanographer and am currently at sea at the moment, i am buying the car as a gift for my dad, i want to make it a surprise for him,he wont know anything about the car until it get delivered to him, i can only pay through pay pal as i don't have access to my bank account online and i don't have internet banking,but i have my bank account attached to my pay pal account and this is why i insisted on paying you through pay pal,So pls kindly get back to me with your pay pal details so i can proceed with the payment and after the payment has been done, i have a pick up agent that will come around to pick the car up after i have made the payments for the car.......Greetings
what is your reserve price,and how about you send me more pics and once am provided with your paypal email address i will send in payment
Disregard any other similar email is because it's my colleagues deal with me directly.

Am I just being very untrusting or does this seem dodgy? Or is it possible its legit and just someone who maybe doesnt speak very fluent English..? It it was all paid by paypal that is usually quite a reliable way to receive payment though isnt it?
Opinions please before I get scammed!

i dunno, i think it sounds a bit dodgy. With pay-pal people can pay, then say they never got the item and get there money back WHILE actually having your car....but i think it sounds abit suss, but thats just me. and also it seems written funny IYKWIM?
It is VERY dodgy.

I have heard of that before. Perhaps call the police and see what they say but DO NOT give this person your details.

From what I remember they send you some dodgy info which looks like the Paypal transaction has gone through but hasnt.

He hasnt even asked if i HAVE a paypal account to start off with...and who would buy a car without looking at it first...
if I gave my paypal details what can he gain from that? isnt it pretty safe or is there some way it could be hacked to gain your bank details...mind you we havent even told him our location and he hasnt asked either which is starting to sounds more dodgy...

classic scam!
That does sound very dodgy and I wouldn't go ahead with that particular character.
Maybe just send them back an email saying that you've already had an offer on it or something..

Have you stipulated payment types or pick up??

I would say Dodgy! They have run a few stories on Today Tonight here in Brisbane about people being scammed in pretty much the same way, Guy is out at sea, buying for someone else etc ... I wouldn't give him any of your details and maybe contact the police. So many people ended up losing their cars & caravans, boats etc. Maybe you can do a search on google or Today Tonight stories and check it out.
awesome thanks for that. i never even thought of him saying he didnt receive it and getting his money back and having the car as well.
we got scammed through ebay years ago for about a thousand dollars from something sounding similar to this which so it was already sounding suss, I couldnt imagine losing 10 to 15 times that amount and our car as well! i think I will not contact him again!!
thanks so much smile

Ooh I had a google
paypal car scam
Its very dodgy.
Ive had these emails on pets, furniture & the like... D.O.D.G.Y!!!
In saying that I had a funny phone call the other day regards an item I had advertised in the local paper which goes online free.

An aussie dude rang up with a weird phone line happening. he was like Im in east timor & im interested in your "thing". I was like "ooookkkaaayyyyy???" there was a massive time delay on the call with the dodgy line i was sooo suss.
Turns out hes in the army on duty over there was on the net & found this item his wife has been looking for. He said he would pass my number onto her to come pick it up. I was sooo suss.

She rang. lol. And she was totally normal & came picked it up.


Ooh I had a google
paypal car scam

bahahaha wow that is almost identical wording to my email! youd think they could come up with something more original! Thanks so much for googling that!

I guess I sound dense asking the original question but I want to clarify I DID actually think it was a scam but I just didnt know of what benefit it would be to them to use paypal to pay as I considered that a reliable source of payment, I didnt even think of them advising me of a "fake payment"...thanks so much everyone

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