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Is this something to worry about? Lock Rss

DD is 22mths and is saying quite a few words backwards, but to her when i repeat it she claps herself as if the word sounds right to her(if that makes sense

for instance;
i say dog
she says god
i say dog
she says god yeah and claps herself.
She says most her d words perfect like dad,door,dora

She says quite a few backwards like;
tac for cat
law for wall
kocks for socks
and others i can't think of right now.

She says other words starting with these letters, just confused as to why some she says backwards??? unsure

Any one shed some light ??
my 3yr old cant say words begining with S for example shop is pops and F is another letter fire is sounds like dire
dont stress, if she is still doing it at about 27 months and you feel its a problem, book her into a speech therapist, but I think you will find the older she gets, the clearer her words will be. My DS still says gog for dog, but he hasnt mastered 'd' yet!!
my DD had quite a few sounds she'd get wrong. She writes backwards sometimes if that helps tongue I think it's normal and not something to worry about. If she's still doing it in a year or two maybe smile
I wouldn't be worried at that age as a lot of kids mispronounce words and can't hear the difference. I'm not sure what age (maybe 3-4) this should correct, so maybe ask your GP or even a speech therapist, if you're still concerned down the track.
My DD (23 months) says heaps of words backwards - my fave is "bunnet" = "button."

Not concerned at all, she's just working out how to try to put all these sounds and syllables together.

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