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DD has been in a single bed since January.
We bought one of the safety rail things and its still up now, nearly 6 months later.

I hadnt even thought twice about it until i just put her to bed but now im wondering, how long did you leave it on for or until what age? She is 2.5

thanks smile
DD is 2 and a half and has never had one lol she had her cot turned into a toddler bed at 16-18 months and i put her little fold out couch beside her she rolled out once and stayed asleep lol put her into a big bed just after her 2nd birthday and put her cot mattress beside her for a few weeks but she never rolled out and now she has nothing still hasnt rolled out lol
I didn't have one with DS but DD has and I am too scared to take it off yet she will be 3 in Sept... I was going to do it soon but she recently broke her arm so might just keep the bedrail on a little longer until her arm is better now...

Take it off and see what happens... you can always stick it back on if she keeps falling out again...

Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

Liv went to a big bed at 2 and we just had a cot matteress on the floor and we never rolled out, but we do tuck a pillow up under the sheet on the side the is open, so that helps plus she cuddles it at night. and the other side of the bed is up against the wall.

Ryder was 3 in Feb and i have only just taken his off a few months ago! I got sick of trying to make the bed around it, it was giving me the shits!! Only one way to find out tho, take it off and put some blankets or a mattress on the floor just in case. Rydes hasn't fallen out at all.

Good Luck smile

i can't remember how old my eldest was - maybe 3 or more.
but my 2nd is a bit over 2.5 and i took it off a few months back and she immediately (that night) fell out so i put it back on!
My DS went into a bed at 2.5, he turned 3 in Feb and still has th rail up, not because I'm scared of him falling out but I know hes used to it. He'll stay in bed all night and if he wakes up, he'll call me. I don't want to take off the rail and have him think it's easier to get out of bed and have him get up all night. I just don't want to disrupt the good thing we have going!

DD1 is 3 in Aug and she still has the rail up. She's a wriggler. I check on her every night and put her back under the blankets and some nights she's leaning on the rail.

I also think that she'll grow out of it. I have taken it down a few times only to have a hysterical child. So it goes back up. Maybe when she turns three I'll take it down and put it away when she's not there. Plus if I put the portacot mattress down on the floor she'd never sleep! It'd be too exciting!

Don't stress about it. I'd rather have the rail than risk a fall and have to deal with an upset and possible hurt child during the night. I am certain that DD1 will out grow it in her own time as I guess your little one will too.
Mine never had one, all were in a bed between 18 - 20mths, I just rolled a blanket up and popped it under the fitted matress and a bean bag on the floor, they all fell out once or twice but soon realised... and they were all wrigglers too but never fall out now
LOL well aren't well late developers in this household, Judd's only just came down a few weeks ago and he turned 4 in March lol.

But meh it didn't do anyone any harm and we did it when he was happy with it - we'd raised the issue a few times and he wasn't happy about it so we left it. Then all of a sudden he was happy with it so off it came.

It's how we've done all of his major milestones - when he is ready & happy. Works for us anyway grin

thanks for the replies.

i have no problem leaving the rail up as it doesnt bother me (if anything it acts as a good barrier to stop me from lying down on her bed and falling asleep in there with her LOL)

DD is a wriggle worm too and i often find her side ways or wrong side up in the bed so i think i'll leave it a little longer. its not doing anyone any harm so id rather one less thing to have to wake up to in the night. poor little mite has been in the wars lately so i dont want to add to the falls!

thanks smile
well i put one on there when ds went into a king single at 18 months and dh kept taking it down and i kept putting it up. dh was adamant that it wasnt necessary. i ended up letting him have his way and ds has only ever fallen out 1 time. i think that is only cos his bed is so big in the first place.
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