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arghh my landlord is such an ass we moving to a new house and our new landlord has just told us we can move in a week so we called our current landlord to let him no and hes trying to make us pay the full 2 weeks rent not the 1 week cos we always pay rent 2 weeks in advance and thinks in our contract we have to give 2 weeks notice but!! our lease ran out on the 1st of may so we have been living there without a lease and he didnt call us or anything so we dont have to give any notice well we think so anyway what do you guys think.
Our lease ran out last December and we didnt resign as we were looking for somewhere else, so until we found somewhere we were just going month to month, when we found our new place we still had to give 4 weeks written notice and pay up unitl then. So I would say paying for the 2 weeks would be right. Even though you haven't signed a current lease you still need to give notice before you move out.
our lease ran out today and we are on a week by week lease but we still have to give 21 days written notice and the landlord has to give 60 days written notice if we wish to leave
Once a lease runs out you automatically go onto what is called periodic tenancy. You are still required to give a landlord adequate notice (the amount is legislated) as they are to you if they decide they want you out.
our lease ran out at ur old place and we were on a no lease agreement (the block of units was on the market and they werent sure what would happen as we were living in the penthouse/owners lodging) we still had to give 2 weeks notice and pay 2 weeks rent. we just used the extra week to clean both places and moved everything gradually as much as would fit int he cars, then we saved in the cost of the moving truck cos we only needed it for half the day.

the second time we moved was the same thing, but money was tighter and we had to borrow from my parents, but were able to pay them back from the bond when we got that back.

I'm a property manager in QLD and it really depends on what state you live in as to what the rules are. To find out you can contact the governing body (in Qld it's the Residential tenancies authority -RTA).

If you are no longer in lease then you are classified as periodical and there are still minimum amounts of time you need to give in writting before you can leave (in qld for a periodical it's 2 weeks from you, or if the lessor gives you notice, it's 8 weeks)

If you are 2 weeks in advance then you wont need to pay any more rent, just check the dates on your last rent reciept to make sure!

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