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Help please.... Lock Rss

For the groceries, we shop at Aldi and do one shop a fortnight and get everything we need.

This is the key I think. I live in a town with 1 woolies and 1 coles and maybe 3 IGA's. There is also only 1, $2 shop which is more like a $5 shop.
We spend $200pw (2 adults, 2 kids - one in nappies)

I can't wait to move back to a capital city!

This is the key I think.

I think you may be right. The closest Aldi is 1.5hrs away for me. Prob not worth the petrol over there in the long run.

.:astaaria:. do you buy muesli bars and stuff for DH to take to work for smoko.

My other problem is that my partner just doesn't get that spending $15 on smoko a couple of times a week just isn't on. I'm getting to the point where I have to make sure nothing is in the account for him to spend. I had $30 cash on my that was from him in the first place. I put it in the account without him knowing, it was meant to be for diesel for him later in the week. When it came to thursday he said he needed the $30 for diesel so i told him it was in the account, i look at the account later during the day and he had purchased smoko with it instead!! Can't bloody win.

I've recently got a slow cooker so I'm going to try and use that more often to save money of purchasing jars of sauces etc. I also find that there are the left overs for lunch the next day.

I really think if we move into town and pay the extra $40 per week in rent we will eventually work out in front cos I'm spending $30-40 per week in petrol and I only go in 4 times a week. Where as my partners ute goes through about 1 1/4 tanks in diesel a week.
I could drop him to work in the mornings and pick him up as it costs less to run my car.

Cooper 24-7-2009

Be careful with credit card balance transfers - it's fine if you only transfer the balance and pay it off, but they get you with a couple of traps. The first is that you might be approved for one of those low interest balance transfer cards, but they might not give you a big enough credit limit to transfer the whole balance over! And, the low interest rate only applies to balance transfers - a higher interest rate will apply to any purchases made on that card.

I make a cake on sunday, cut in up and freeze the portions in cling wrap. SO DH takes a piece of that, a piece of fruit and leftovers or 2 sandwiches. He doesn't buy anything, he doesn't have an office job either so he is always driving past places he could stop for something IYKWIM. You can save so much money taking lunch (and drinks) from home. I don't buy muesli bars, chips, biscuits, cakes or anything like that, I make them all from scratch but i enjoy baking, lots of other people don't lol. We treat ourselves to take away once a fortnight and I buy a block of chocolate with the groceries.

I had to the bank account thing with my DH lol, he no longer has access to our bill account (where all our direct debits come out) because he would spend it and not tell me than a bill would come out and we would be in negative. It took awhile to get it through to him that he can't just spend willy nilly.
I work in finance and used to deal with Loans, I had totally forgotten about how i'm earning less than half of what i used to and the criteria for credit card/loan applications.
I'm glad you jogged my memory.

It just seems to be that all the jobs my partner has are across the road from a take away shop! He has no self control.
Normally whinges about taking sandwiches cos he feels like he is at school again.
I just really wish that he understood that if he didn't buy smoko and lunch for a week, sometimes it's nearly $50, that we would have money to do something else.
He doesn't get how cheap it is to take a big bottle of cordial either. Prefer to go across the road and get dare ice coffee, all of these are not helping his waist line at all.

Our bill account is not linked to our keycards at all. Neither is the rego and greenslip account. Where I bank you can split your wage up when it comes in so only the remainder of your wage goes into the keycard account. No over spending what so ever.

I think I'm going to have to sit him down and tell him how it's going to go and them get my bake on. I do like baking I just find it challanging with an 11 months old hanging off my legs.

Cooper 24-7-2009

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