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Ok so it turns out DD2 - our happy little chucker - probably has reflux.
Luckily it doesn't seem to bother her - she is just a very spewy little grommet.

My question is: do they grow out of it? And if so, when is it likely to happen??

Dr suggested she go on infant Gaviscon, but pharmacist suggest Mylanta would be better, but it says not to give more than 3-4 doses per day.. DD has anywhere from 4-6 milkies in a 24hr period, so should i give it to her before every feed or just 3-4?

Any info, suggestions, advice etc would be great.

Thanks smile

(off for a drink but will check in tomorrow)

DD was the same chucked every feed and 1 or more projectile vomit a day but one happy baby. She out grew it by 3 or 4 months not to sure.

My DS2 had bad reflux from 3 weeks of age. My Paediatrician put him on Losec and Gaviscon. He said to use Gaviscon not mylanta ( not sure why) but he said to use the adult peppermint type not the baby one as you have to give alot - we gave 2 mls of the adult. I gave it with each feed.

He also said that reflux usually lasts till about 8 - 10months or until they sit up. Sure enough he is 8 months now and is off all medication but does vomit when playing on his stomach.

He also suggested a wedge for the bed to raise him up a bit - this isnt recommended by the SIDS guidelines though.

Hope this helps and it all works out for both of you!!
Hope you don't mind the book I'm about to write but our DS has had severe reflux since he was about 1 week old. They tried domperidone whilst in in hospital (8 weeks prem) but it did not help. He takes Losec for it (wonderful stuff) and we do our best to minimise his symptoms or prevent his vomiting. Gaviscon seemed to help when mixed into his bottle. Thickener and thickened formulas made him constipated and didn't really seem to help. He is now 7 1/2 months and things have improved alot. We had his bassinette and cot elevated, change table had a pillow, we changed him before a feed and not directly after and tried not to raise his legs during nappy change just turned him side to side. We feed him semi-upright and try to keep him settled and sitting where possible for a short while after. Frequent (small) burps during feeds seems to help (now) but burping actually made it worse when he was younger. He gets tummy time before a feed or way after and does still vomit sometimes on his tummy or when sitting with pressure bearing down on his abdo. He also refluxed less when I expressed milk into bottles and it did improve when we moved him onto formula. He is on solids now and it has helped but no dramatic change. Everyone says they will grow of it eventually - some sooner than others. I think anywhere from 8 months up to 2-3 years old. Flare ups happen for us when DS is ill or gets his immunizations. It is a nightmare at first & a long slow road but it will get better (or do we just get better at managing it tongue ) I hope your DD has just a mild case of it.

we gave DS gaviscon infant in his bottles for his reflux, it helped with his pains and also with the spewing to some extent (although not completely). he was having about 9 bottles a day (due to spewing he needed to have extra) and we used gaviscon in all of them. the pharmacist used to give me a lecture every time i went in and bought 2 boxes, but we were using it under our GP's advice, and he said that the levels of ingredients in there are fine to use the amount we were using, and that the pharmacist would probably say something just to cover their backs, but there were no health risks to DS.

we did start taking him to chiro at 11 weeks of age and after 2 visits he didn't need to have the gaviscon anymore, we then just started using thickener to help with the spewing he still had - he didn't get the pains but still had the regurgitation problem because of a weak stomach valve. he used the karicare thickener until about 9 months.

3 out of 4 of my babies have had reflux. DS1 was also a happy little chucker and would often projectile vomit but it never affected his health (he was a big fatty) so I never medicated him. It just meant I had extra washing to do but that was ok with me as long as he was happy and healthy.

My other 2 bubs however needed to be medicated for it though as they had/have the pain associated with reflux.

Hopefully your bub stays a happy little chucker. Good luck smile
My son has had reflux since birth and he has just been on Karicare AR which has made a huge difference. I didnt want to give him any drugs if I could avoid it. He still does little spews occasionally but its not to the extent of bringing up whole bottle which he used to do. Hes growing out of it now though at almost 8 months
My son has had reflux since birth. He was on Mylanta 0.5mls 6 times a day, did nothing then we put him on losec. The best. We slowly weened him of it and he has his good days and bad days. I hate the sound of the reswallowing poor little things but hopefully once he is always upright it will go


Thanks for all the info ladies, muchly appreciated!

She doesn't seem to have any pain and she's never bothered by the spewing - it's just messy! lol
And it's certainly not affecting her health in any way I can see - she's quite a happy chunky baby!

Pharmacist recommended Mylanta over Gaviscon, coz Gaviscon has extra sodium in it apparently, and he reckons coz she's only little (4months) it might load her kidneys up too much - plus he said it's a bit fizzy and some kidlets don't appreciate that...

Might have a look at Losec(?) formula... she's on Heinz nurture at the moment.

Anyhoo, thanks for all the tips and help smile
Someone's just woken up and they want their milky to puke back up again! laugh

Well the Mylanta is doing nothing for her puking, but is sure giving her insides a clean out from the other end!!
I think the chucking is better than the slippery poos! lol

Hoping Losec is not prescription, coz I'm going to head out in a sec and see if I can get some and give that a go...

Yup Losec is a prescription only drug and its not something they would try first I dont think.
hi bubby girl has what the dr reckons is silent reflux...............she started on Zantac at about 5 weeks only having .5 mil twice a day but is now up to 1.5mil 3 times a day. we have good and bad daays/nights. DD doesnt spew much more than normal thus the silent reflux it seems that the stomach acids just migrate into her oesophagus(sp) and burn just like heart burn........i went and talked to my chemist wonderful man he is, and i have also now got the gaviscon in the cupboard because she has rough patches and we dont want to be increasing the zantac all the time.....he told me cause she is only 6months and weighs 6.5kg to give her a half dose.....he also said not to give nurofen unless absolutely necessary because that can upset the reflux

DS 11/01/08 DD 20/12/2009

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