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Would you still take her??? Rss

I am so undecided as to what to do.... will try and keep this short (yeah right!!)

A month or so back DD2 got really sick, she had a cold which turned into a cough and then croup like symptons, she stopped breathing, I gave redipred and she was OK, she had previously been dagnosed with asthma but only gets it when she has a cold.

I took her to the DRs the next morning, I was booked into see our regular one but they swapped me around to make it quicker, I saw a new one, who proceeded to have a go at me for not taking her to hossy but I was following previous advice - when she has a croup attack, give redipred wait a min, if she struggling still call an ambo, if she breathes again keep her at home til morning - I told her that as she had been previously diagnosed with asthma and I have no experience with it I want help with it and an action plan made up, she refused and said I need to diagnose her first and I don't have time right now.... I said check her notes she has already been diagnosed, I need help with her, she said well it your fault you need to PROVE she has asthma and / or croup by bringing her in..........
This sent me into a bit of a blowy spin and I said so what you are saying is rather than give my child redipred and start her breathing normally you want me to fart arse aroundf with a child that can't breathe by putting her in the car and taking 5-10 mins to get to a hossy THEN wait why you are called in to the hossy ????? She said well that would give me the proof I need!!!! I said you DON'T need proof check her records, I have brought her into hossy previous times.....
She said that is not serious enough for me to make a diagnoses.....I asked how serious she needs to be.... she said kids with serious asthma and croup end up in ICU!!!

I really cracked it and said I WILL NOT allow my child to get sick and end up in hospital, GIVE me a referral NOW to my paed and I will leave.... It took quite a lot of arguing but I finally got it, she then proceeded to ask me why that paed.... I said cos he WILL listen to me unlike you and my son had seen him since he was born, he said whats your sons problem, I told her to read my file and she would have some bloody idea that he had died...

Anywho I got told by her to give redipred for 3 days and go home...

I went back the next morning as I knew my GP was oncall, he listened to her chest for 2 seconds and discovered she hd a chest infection and pneumonia and should have been in hospital (the previous DR hadn't listened to her) we had follow ups for a couple of weeks and she got better, I had a chat to him about the asthma diagnosis, he said it is hard to accurately diagnose in a 2yo and that she may not have asthma as such but the venotlin helps IYKWIM?

So my issue is (see I told you it would be long) is I have a paed appt FINALLY but she is all better!!!! I am undecuided whether to bother going as he won't hear anything when she is well, I am thinking of goijng to see my regular GP and asking him what to do.....

I know I will ned up spendning $200 on an initial appt and they won't be able to do anything cos she is not sick atm.......

What to do what to do...........
I would still take her Jess, explain all her history and they will be able to write up a proper asthma plan for you. Lachlan has quite bad asthma and looks like Sophie may be following in that direction too, I take him to the pead every 3 months as she likes to check him and adjust his meds etc. At least if you take her this time even though she is not sick, if she does have another attack then you should just be able to call your pead and get advice etc. I have a book that I write down whenever Lachlan gets croup etc and the pead likes me to call and let her know how he is doing in between appointments. We got to a point last year with him where the GP said he was fine and by the time I got him to the pead she said he had been seriously under treated. Having the opinion of the pead is never a bad thing.
I would, just to get some proper advice and to get the ball rolling. you wouldnt have to go through all that crap again.
I cant belive that doctor. You shouldnt have to argue with a doctor that much for them to see that your serious! There is no mother around that would put their child needessly through the horror of an attack just to prove a point to a stuck up doctor when you can treat her at home.
You did the right thing and i wish more people had the guts to stand up and fight your point like you did.
I would go anyway. It's a good idea to see someone who can give you better help and ongoing help if neccesary. If this has happened before it may happen again so even though your little one is fine now it's prob a good idea to see someone who can be relied on to give you the help you need if it happens again especially if you know this person will take your concerns seriously. As for the misdiagnosis with that other doctor you saw I would be ringing and making a complaint! You took your daughter to the doctor because she had breathing difficulties etc so for the doctor to not have checked her chest doesn't make any sense to me..?

Hayley''s going to be a big sister smile EDD 3.3.10

I would take her. You should see what going on and they can keep an eye on her.

I would still take her mate ..I am obviously no doctor but I am sure when you have pneumonia that it leaves scar tissue on your lungs he would be able to discuss this with you ...he might be able to give you an action plan if she was to get asthma next time she getts a cold ..

I would definatly still go !

GRRRR! What a bi tch of a Dr!!!!! I'm glad you told her what for! Stupid twit.

I'd still go. There may be something he can see/hear that we can't, you know? With his trained eye/ears and all wink

I hope he can work something out for you. I guess he's specifically trained so he could go into more depth regarding a plan incase it does happen again instead of telling you to wait until your DD is in ICU! That's incredible!

Did you complain about this Dr? I can't believe it!

Cool thanks girls will rtake her in, I just didn't know what to do, I have seen this paed since Luke was born and Charlotte also saw him for her hips and kidney issues so I trust him....

There have been numerous complaints about this DR and apparently everyone heard about me yelling at her, as when I ssaw the DR the next day I told him who I had seen and he laughed and said believe me I have heard!!!! LOL Well he stuck up for me and said she shouldn't have doubted Mothers intinct!!!!
And what I said stacked up anyway, she said she listened to her chest...... he listened for a second and heard it straightaway he said she could NOT have listened if that was the case
Some GP's will never cease to amaze me. I've had numerous GP's palm off issues I've had with DS and I've ended up in hospital tearing my hair out because there are very few doctors out there who believe in mothers instinct.. I'm glad that your normal GP is a good one!

Hayley''s going to be a big sister smile EDD 3.3.10

Take her anyway and get it sorted but I so understand where you are coming from. My GP diagnosed DD1 was asthma at 14 months (yes quite young but he was confident in the decision) then I had to take her to see a pediatrician for an unrelated issue and couldn't get into our normal one for 8 weeks so went to a different one. This pediatrician said the same thing to me that unless I take her to emergency every time it mustn't be asthma. I ignored him and never went back... who in their right mind would take a child to emergency every time if they could control it at home without taking them out in the freezing cold at night?!?
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