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"boys" and "girls" toys Lock Rss

it's a dad thing.

ds likes to push his teddy around in dd's little walker/pusher thingamagig and dh doesnt like it very much but i dont care, he is just playing.

i also let him dress up in pricess costumes at my sil house when he is playing with my niece. you should have seen my dh face when that came up in conversation.

Yesterday i put his hair up to keep it out of his face. dh took him for a haircut that afternoon smile.

I dont see anything wrong with it. it is all just a bit of innocent fun. kids being kids...
I don't want to pidgeon my boys into just boy's toys. I bought them a toy kitchen and a stroller when they were toddlers. Even now my youngest loves animals and he takes his Furreal pets to bed with him every night

I am fighting a losing battle though as they are the most boyish boys going most of the time laugh. I do like them playing with other toys too to keep that 'nurturing' part of them in there too smile
My DD is 3.5, my DS is 1.5 and they both play with each others toys alternatively.. they will play 'dolls' in her room, then move on to 'cars' in his room then come out and draw for a little while, then play with handy manny and his toolbox, or my daughters kitchen!
It really varies and they both love playing with each other's stuff. I find it quite nice that they play together and take interest in sharing, yes there are arguements from time to time, but they are learning to share and to adapt to each others environment & I find that a very important and special part in growing up and bonding!

Amanda, NSW.. Mummy to Dakota 24 months & bub #2 d

It's a dad thing! For my nephews 2nd birthday I bought him a stroller and cash register. His dad was not happy.
Totally irritates me that they can't just let it be. DD1 plays with cars and trucks all day. Who cares????????????????

One of my DD's favourite toys is her Tonka truck grin She loves anything with wheels, really - loves toy cars, etc.

She also plays with teddies, etc - but it's not always "nurturing" kind of play - sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn't. She'll be cuddling or breastfeeding them one moment, and chucking them up in the air or slamming their head against a wall the next moment.

That said, we don't dress her in "girl uniform" either. Pink is just one of many colours she wears. Same would go for any sons we might have in the future. They'll have access to all sorts of toys/playthings, and all sorts of colours to wear.

its a dad thing... I'm going to buy the lil man one of those cleaning stations in the toys sales with a lil broom, mop n vacuum cleaner because he loves playing with them around the house n frankly dont care that its a "girls" toy cuz its something he loves (n will stop him stealing my broom hopefully lolol)

haha I wanted to get one but wasnt allowed. Iwas allowed just to get him his own broome but it didnt work he stills takes mine.
I dont think there is a problem with a boy liking stuffed toys, I think its a bit mean his Dad making him leave it behind which would make him feel something is wrong with him for wanting it.

My four year old DD loves cars, trucks, dinosaurs, action figures... as well as all the girly stuff like fairy dresses, jewellry and dolls.
It's definately a Dad thing!
DH freaks out when DS1 puts his things in one of my old handbags and carries it around!
I just put a dora the explorer stroller on lay-by for DS2 for christmas, he loves strollers, he puts thomas the tank in it at a friends place keeps him happy for ages! Can't wait to see DH's face on christmas morning when DS2 opens it!
I don't see a problem with it at all DS loves his upsy daisy doll, he is always playing with DD babies and for christmas he is getting a kitchen that is pink.
IMO toys are just toys what dose it matter if they are "boy" or "girl" toys.

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