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what do your toddlers do Lock Rss

When he was tiny, I took his rocker in the bathroom, when he was big enough for highchair, I would drag that to the doorway & plonk him in there with toys. Now he is heading for 3, he's usually watching tv/dvd for a few mins, and the door is left open. So sometimes he's in & out, or grabs his little stool & sits right near the glass door "I gonna watch you!" lol. other times I come out & he hasn't moved an inch, too engrossed in his little bit of tv time hehe.
On a good day she will watch a dvd (I have a 15 min wiggles one which is perfect).

On a not so good day she will try to get in with me, scream, kick the door, empty the bathroom cupboard then just sit next to the shower and cry.

We are having some seperation issues right now smile
When ds was younger if he wasnt sleeping.. id put him in his bouncer when he got a little bit older id drag the high chair into the bathroom. Ds just turned 2.. when its shower time he runs a grabs some toys and sits on the bathroom floor and plays...i put my towel over the heater vent.. as soon as he hears the water turn off up he gets up and passes me my nice warm towel wink ahhh its fantastic hehe
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