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Has anyone been to see a psychic??? Lock Rss

I have been thinking about going to see psychic in the next couple of weeks and was wondering if anyone has been to see one???

I know there are a lot of scammers out there but I do actually believe in it...

My mum saw one when she was pregnant with my older sister and all but one thing has pretty much happened...and she saw one just before my dad told us all he was sick (they were separated)...and the lady told mum that there was someone in her life that she wasn't in direct contact with but who she had spent ALOT of time with, had health problems in the throat and nose area!!! My dad ended up having throat and nose cancer...very spooky!!!

I wish you had more answers to this thread. I've recently being telling my sister I'd like to go see someone. I don't believe they can tell me my whole future but just to see what they say you know. I'd like to give it at least one go!

I saw one that was not all that good, just said things in general much like your horoscope does, so that was no good sad

But my mother went and saw one about a year and a half ago and was BRILLIANT, I want her to take me to see her. Mum told her nothing and she told my mum she had three daughters, the first letter of her last partner who was apparently her soul mate, but you can go through life having more than one soul mate.

She told my mum that 2 of her girls were close and one is a rebel, which is my sisters and I down to a tee. She told her she would get a new car - around a number 8 - meaning within 8 days, 8 weeks, 8 months etc. My mum just laughed in her face saying I will never be able to afford a new car, I will never have a new car, and sure enough in 8 weeks she had a new car !!

She also told her one of her daughters would be going to jail and one would be pregnant within the next year.. We were all like pfft this lady is INSANE because none of us will be getting pregnant! (My sisters were 16 at the time I was 19) And I had no intention of ever being pregnant, ever and it happened !!

So she was great I'm excited but kinda nervous to see what she will have to say !!


My uncle committed suicide about 6 months ago now and his wife and daughter went and saw a psychic about two weeks after he passed away. During the visit, she spoke about a lot of problems that he had the whole time he had been battling with depression. Some of the problems that she spoke about they knew about and some he kept secret. The ones she spoke about that they knew about were very accurate. This made dealing with the whole situation easier, and said that she was fantastic and told them many things that would happen in the future which has given them a lot of hope. They have benefited so much from seeing this person, who am i to judge whether or not pyschics are real or scammers, this woman helped them through an incredibly tough ordeal.
Ohhh i have wanted to see someone for SO long, i will let you know how i go when i finally do!! My mum used to dabble in tarot a bit and she was good she picked up her best friends teen daughters hidden pregnancy she would never do it for us though she didnt want to see anything bad and we were quite young at the time i was 15 i think???
I have been to two, one just a week ago, and one just over a year ago. I think there great, there are some scammers out there so ask around to see who is recomended.
But the two i went to were great, totally described my boys to a tee, and gave me an idea of what they could be/had the potential to be in the future!! they also described my husbands personality to a tee, along with our relationship the good and bad (which was a weird shock to have some one tell you what you havnt yet noticed) was just that we wernt getting enough time together having two boys under two and our own buisness which is why we were getting so snitchy at each other!!! also things that may happen in the future to do with the company and money moving house and so on. pretty much everything i was told last year has happend!! and am interested to see if what i was told last week will happen to, as i was told to be VERY careful if i didnt want to be pregy again by christmas! but that my third baby will be a very stong minded little girl.... so time will tell!!
i deff think they are really interesting!! i generally forget what i was told in there tho i was given a casset recording by both. but there comments just seem to pop up in my head when im thinking bout somthing that has or is happening, and im like hey they were right!!
I have been to 3 but they were years ago. The first 3 used tarot cards and I didn't tell them anything and when they asked what I wanted to know I just said that I wanted to know anything and I was curious about it all. Anyway the first 2 just told me generic stuff and there was nothing too earth shattering there.

The 3rd one was unbelievably accurate. She ask me to bring something I had with me everyday so I just gave her my knecklace that I tended to wear most days unless i going somewhere special then I would wear something else. She also asked me to bring some photos of anyone I wanted to know about. She just held my knecklace in her hand and told me what ever popped into her head. She told me that we would be moving to Canberra in a few weeks and at the time we had just put in our applications to transfer to Canberra (we lived in Perth) but we had told no-one. Anyway we got approved for the transfer and they wanted us urgently and we moved in a few weeks. She even described the house we would live in and said that it would have blue stairs. When we were looking for a place to rent we had pretty much narrowed it down to this one house as it was new, in our price range and would allow pets in the area that we wanted so we went to the home open with the application already filled out to have a look inside to see that it was ok and to hand in the application. It spun be out when I realised the stairs (it was a town house) were covered in blue carpet. She told me I would have a miscariage, followed by a son then a daughter - all true but at the time kids were still 2 and a half years away. She said a heap of other stuff that I can't remember so I should go and get the tape out and listen to it again.

I showed her a photo of my mum and dad and she said that my dad would has heart issues but that he would still live a long life. I didn't believe her as my dad is a bit of a health nut and eats well and excercises heaps but a few years ago he had a heart attack due to a heriditary problem. She said my mum has a poor diet and would have lots of health issues in her future (the photo was just of their faces so it was not as if she could tell much from the photos). So far my mum has no health problems but she does have a shocking diet, never excercises and never goes to the doctors so who knows - it wouldn't surprise me to learn that she did have some health issues there. I showed her a photo of my ex boyfriend and then a photo of my current boyfriend (now DH) and she said about my ex that there was lots of "storm clouds" over him and that I would feel insecure due to that if I was with him. With my DH she said that this was a much calmer loving relationship.

I found the 3rd psychic by word of mouth. she had a waiting list of 2 months as she only did 2 appointment per day as she said it was too taxing on her. She worked from a back room of her house. Ask around, someone might know of a good one.
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