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What are the essential to pack??? Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,
I am starting to compile a list of essential things to pack into my hospital bag and also into the nappy bag for our first child. Can you please list what you think the essentials are???

I have googled it and found a printable list on Kidspot, but just wanted some first hand ideas from Huggies Mummies..


A hairdryer is a MUST!! I had oodles of stitches and there is no way in hell I was using a towel after I got out of the shower (down there). So it was a lifesaver for me.

You - Layers of clothing that are loose and comfy, like tracksuit pants, button up tops for breastfeeding, lots of pairs of undies, warm socks/slippers etc. Lots of maternity pads, plus all your usual toiletries. Snacks like fruit, muesli bars etc, you'll most likely be massively hungry (I was eating three full cooked meals a day plus snacks, lol). Some books or magazines, hospital is really boring! Also I'll be taking my own pillow next time, theirs were horrible. But we were in for 4 days so I was really missing the comforts of home by then.

Baby - Lots of nappies, wipes, bottom cream, powder, bath wash etc. Singlets, button up suits, hats, mittens - enough of those for several changes a day. I also put socks on under his suits too, his feet were always cold for some reason. For night I had him in nighties, it was so much easier to change him when I was half asleep without having to undo and do up a suit.

That's all I can think of at the moment, it was awhile ago now!

ETA - Take plastic shopping bags too, to put your washing in! And make sure you have a pen to write in the cards who got you what present
Hi, Congratulations. Ir's very exciting smile

I would also add a packet of your favourite lollies to have during labour. I had a natural labour with no drugs at all and i found being able to pop one of my favourite lollies in my mouth between contractions gave me energy and a little something to look forward to between contractions. Just make sure you don't have really chewy or slow dissolving ones cos it's very distracting to have half a lolly in your mouth while having a contraction smile

Also i would like to reinforce taking LOTS of underwear, when you think you have plenty, pack a few more. I went through alot more than i thought i would. Same goes for PJ's or whatever clothes you choose to wear afterwards.

Good luck smile
Take extra undies and have some money incase you want something from the shop at the hospital and take snacks with you. Make sure you got enough clothes for your stay.

I actually bought 2 packs of disposable undies instead of bringing my own undies... i was really hesitant when I bought them but they were great- quite loose and comfortable, also less washing to do when we got home from the hospital. I also took a hoody jacket - great to keep warm at night if the hospital aircon is on and also easy to breastfeed with.

An ex- nurse also told me to bring ural in case I got stitches - she told me the ural will neutralise my urine so it doesn't cause discomfort or sting. I was soo relieved as I was able to urinate ok without the sting on my stitches so I was quite comfortable.
They might seem obvious but don't forget a camera and a baby carseat!

I liked the hairdryer tip - will remember that one!
something for your lips mine got so dry in the hossy! Your own toilet paper i remember wiping down there and it felt like sand paper. With DS2 i used face washers run under hot water which felt great (down there) but I had him at home so not sure if you want to do that. We forgot our camera sad so dont forget it!

$1 and $2 coins for the vending machine. I had DS1 at 10.30pm and DH was really hungry but we didnt have any change and all the shops were closed in the hospital so he couldnt eat till he got home wich was 1am eekk.

Spare shorts and undies for your partner if they get in the shower with you, DH had to hop in with a towel lol midwife wasnt happy about this lol


I found that my shawl ( scarf) was great as at times i was too hot for a jumper but needed something, also great when you are breast feeding, keeps you warm and you can cover up a bit when you have visitors.

definately pack lipbalm, maternity undies... they were great make sure you pack heaps.

also make heaps of food that you can freeze, as you will not want to cook when you get home... just makes life a bit easier.. a couple of my friends even bought caserole's ect over i found it a great help, better than any present.

hope that helps and good luck x
Not only lots of undies but i bought only black ones. I went to target and you can get cheapish ones there that are still really comfortable. Lots of maternity pads. And I took my hubby's shirts in to hospital they were more comfortably to sleep in. Definitely something to read, even a puzzle book or something. You will be surprised how early you wake up and I always got bored once baby had got back to sleep and I was waiting for my hubby to come. Nursing pads to go in your bra if you are breastfeeding and bepanthen or lansinoh for nipples. Hand cream and lip gloss.

For baby lots of nappies and nappy rash cream, I packed about 8 of all clothes items and then sent them home when they were dirty and got more brought back in. Dummies if you are going to use them. Some wrap blankets cos hospitals are cold. A couple of beanies and socks. Also find a nice cloth that you will use for cleaning up baby spew. By a few of them and use them for that purpose. My youngest has actually become attached to his from when he was a baby and is now 2 and still needs it to go to sleep.

I also packed a separate labour bag. Had a hand massager, some pregnancy friendly massage oils, a couple of heat packs, and a couple of face washers. They were all very useful for my husband to use to help me feel comfortable especially in the early stage of labour.

I think thats about it. Good Luck.
Firstly CONGRATULATIONS! Easily one of the most exciting times of your life grin

For you:

* Lots of black undies (i went to Target & they had packs of 12? for a pretty reasonable price).

* Your own pillow(s) - best thing i ever took with me i think!

* Comfy clothes - trackies, breastfeeding singlets/bras, thin long sleeved shirts, warm jacket/jumper, those home socks with the thicker soles so you can walk around in them or a slip on pair of shoes, socks to keep your feet warm.

* All your favourite toiletries - i loved being able to have a nice hot shower, wash my hair and put on a little make-up.

* Snacks - you get hungry between meals so it's handy to have some there just in case.

* Lansinoh - for your nipples, i LOVED this stuff!

For baby:

My hospital supplied nappies & wipes and while my DS's were newborn we didn't use any wash products etc in their bath cause' newborn skin is quite fragile and sensitive.

* Nappies & wipes (in hospital i used these cloths they supplied with a bit of water and cream) (if not supplied).

* About 4 singlets or thin body suits (short arms & legs) to go under jumpsuits, about 6 jumpsuits, lots of socks, some mittens & a beanie.

* A few muslin wraps & bunny rugs.

Uuuummmm if i think of anything else i'll add it smile

Good luck x

Check with your hospital about taking your own hairdryer. I know where I went they made the maintenance people check it over before being allowed to use it.

Labour: Something for DP/DH to wear in the shower with you, they dont need to see his bits. Smacks for both of you (I took a packet of shapes and some lollies), a couple of sports drinks, stress ball, magazine for both of you.

You: Ural (they should have it but take it just in case), some fibregel or metamucil, maternity pads, breastpads, something to read,

Baby: Nail clippers (they have long sharp nails when they arrive), scratch mittens, little hats, socks, wipes, something for them to wear home.
My hospital had all clothes, nappies, blankets, wraps etc so i didnt use any of my own things excpet for wipes as tissues and sorbelene just doesnt cut it for those sticky poos.

Food. smile
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