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Pregnancy insomnia is ridiculous Lock Rss

2am and I am no where near close to sleep...

5th night in a row...well and truly OVER it!!!!

Going to try and force myself to break the cycle by getting up early tomorrow morning regardless...TRY being the the operative word lol

I totally agree!!

As if sleeping isnt hard enough with massive tummy to deal with then there is insomnia.

I seem to wake up at about 4am and cant go back to sleep.
Thank god for Foxtel is all I can say, re-runs of Baywatch this morning.
Isn't that funny! Im finding the total opposite!!! I slept 3 ours during hte day yesterday and was still in bed by 8:30! But up at 7:30 ish every day with the kids climbing into bed with us smile

ohhh you poor thing.....I had forgotten about the insommnia. I was up from about 1 or 2 every night and up for hours..... I would lay there thinking, maybe I could go and measure the lounge wall to knock down...
It will be over soon!!!
The insomnia is killing me at the moment to! Im beginning to think I'll never be able to sleep properly again. Sunday night I couldnt walk straight I was so exhausted but still wide awake. Most nights I lay their til about 3.30am - the other night it was 5.30am!!!

Are there sleeping tablets you can take when pregnant???

I find that while I can go to sleep fairly easily, my DS wakes up around 3-4 am pretty much every morning, and when I get up to check on him (he has bad dreams and often needs me to talk them out with him) I find that I'm wide awake by the time he's ready to sleep. Hence me getting up at 2.30 last night (after falling asleep at 11.30)and still no sleep as yet... Yawn.
I suffered with bad pregnancy insomnia when carrying DD1 and I still can't sleep more than 4-5hrs a night (on a good night).......and DD1 is nearly 17!!!!!!!!

I hope all you ladies suffering now are able to get your bodies back into a decent sleeping pattern eventually cos insomnia for the last 17yrs is not bloody fun!! Before I fell pregnant the 1st time, I could sleep up to 12hrs straight with no if I do that I feel like a zombie for the next 2 days sad

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