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Anyone bought a decent set top box recently? Lock Rss

I need to buy another set top box. The one we have is an expensive one and it is an absolute piece of JUNK!

One feature I am looking for is one where the remote responds quickly. I am over pressing the button to change channels and waiting forever for it to change and look out if I have to move 3 or 4 channels up or down....grrrr.....Zzzzzzz. New batteries or old is still performs the same.

Now it is freezing, I keep needing to switch it off at the wall to reset it.... well now it is stuck on one channel.

Model numbers would be great.


Is OVER rude people

I dont know the exact one I have but it was about $50-70 from Harvey Norman, there are different levels of digital boxes, we got the top one (I am not tech savvy so dont know the right words smile ) and we use it with a special digital arial cable also. Never have had any probs except we should have bought the longer cable so we could move it when I rearrange things!!

We never buy the expensive AV equipment, it just isnt made with a lifespan, both in the equipment itself and the technology, to justify the expense.
We have 2 $30 ones and they are perfect. TBH electronics don't seem to be built to last anymore, so I see no point spending the big $
Get TiVo. You'll never know how you lived without it smile

Get TiVo. You'll never know how you lived without it smile

What is the remote like? When you press the buttons does it respond with the box quickly??????

Is OVER rude people

Get TiVo. You'll never know how you lived without it smile

Is TiVo basically Foxtel but you don't have the ongoing monthly cost???? Or what is it???
i was going to suggest tivo too, its a bit more pricey but i love it. the remote responds fast if u use the tv guide button to choose your channel, it takes a wee bit longer if you just type in the channel. it only free to air tv but you can use it to download movies and shows for about the cost ofv renting a dvd on a cheap night. it has good features and i find i always have something to watch, plus having 2 tuners is really handy. the 30 minute cache is great too!

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