I wouldn't touch those plastic things from Big W, they don't let the nappy breathe.

There are heaps of covers out there. The main ones I know of are Baby Beehinds, but there are many different makers of them. They come in PUL, minky, fleece and you can also get 'wool' soakers, which are knitted covers.



Maz-a-liciuos have a great name, but no product in stock at the moment, she is stocking her site on 19/7/ Also has a FB page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mooroopna-Australia/maz-a-licious/18946432910#!/pages/Mooroopna-Australia/maz-a-licious/18946432910?__a=12&ajaxpipe=1 . Although there might be some at the nappy bucket, the above site.


This is a FB page that has 2nd hand nappies on it, but also has covers, you just have to go through the photos to find them. They also have some cheap nappies, if you are quick enough to see them first.


A listing of MCN stores. smile

You may even want to change over to an All in One (change the whole nappy, but doesn't require a cover) or an All in 2 - which has boosters, and if it's only a wet nappy you just change the boosters. (doesn't require a cover).

HTH a bit. There is so much info on MCN out there it boggles the mind! laugh