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Do you recon people get to carried away with cleaning ?? Rss

Everyday I do (usually between 8-9am):
  • One load of washing hung out and a second on (I put a load on at night and set the timer thing so it finishes when we are coming down for breakfast)
  • Dinner dishes put away (DH washes them before coming to bed)
  • Sweep the kitchen/dining/laundry/toilet
  • Vacuum the lounge
  • Morning dishes washed
  • General tidy up of the study (pick up glasses/bowls/rubbish/tidy)
  • On Sunday I clean the bathrooms (wipe everything over, vacuum, mop, clean mirrors), was towels and bath mats
  • On Monday I change the bed linen and mop the kitchen/dining/laundry/toilet

I rarely dust - only when it becomes noticeable lol same with sweeping the stairs...

Kids know to pick up their toys and put them on the shelf in the lounge so I don't have to worry too much about toys, but if one is on the ground I pick it up as I walk past.

I have a friend who complains she is forever cleaning and her house is smaller than mine, I just smile and nod lol because I can't understand how she can't keep on top of it when 2 of her 3 are at school all day.

Oh and my car car is disgusting at times ..inside and out !! lol lol

Frankie until yesterday I had forgotten what colour my car was...there was about 5 large fries scattered throughout the back and boot, greasy tools, and (I can't believe I'm going to own up to this) even a used nappy in a nappy bag in the boot **cringe how did that get there??** but I vacced and washed it - and not because it was disgusting (which of course it was) but because my mum is coming to stay tomorrow and I was embarrassed at the state of it! I am surprised that it's actually quite pretty and even my mags are shiny...for a few days anyway lol lol lol.
I clean for around 3 hours a day I reckon (not that I time myself,lol). It seems to take all day though because I turn around and there is a new mess to clean up oh and I tend to procastinate! I just finish one thing and there is always another job I could be doing (lol whether or not I do it is another story)

Weekdays I do a general tidy and clean... so the bathroom gets a wipe over each day (get rid of empty containers, take clothes out of hamper and wash them, wipe over sink and bath, vacuum floor, mop if needed), toilet gets wiped over with a couple of baby wipes and gets a clean with a squirt of toilet clean and the toilet brush, toilet rolls get restocked in the holder, contour mat gets swapped over for a fresh one, vacuum/mop. Lounge, dining and kitchen gets a tidy and vacuumed, mopped if it needs it or a spot clean where the kids have made a mess. Wash up through the day (don't have a dishwasher...just me and PJ on the odd occasion, lol)

Once I have cleaned up the toys once a day (with a little help from the youngest 2, and I do mean 'little' help,lol) I use a plastic tub for the rest of the day to do a couple of pick ups off the floor. Then I get the older girls to put those toys away in the arv once they are home from school, otherwise I'd spend all day picking stuff up off the floor (don't mind a few toys laying around but not in high traffic areas).

I wash everyday (a couple of loads and usually hang them out while the kids play outside either in the morning, the arv or both) and I fold clothes every day in front of the telly. PJ irons DH's work clothes for some pocket money, so YAY, I don't have to do that lately!

As you know DH normally cooks dinner BUT lately he's not been home in time to cook, so I have been the cook as well (which sucks,lol) but I try and get all the prep work done when the Hannah and Jon are asleep and I try to wash everything up once I have cooked dinner so there is less to do later on.

Weekends I do bigger/ more time consuming jobs, where I have more time and more hands to help or to at least supervise the kids. So bedrooms (tidy them with the help of the kids, change sheets etc), cleaning windows (which I did this weekend just gone and they are so lovely and sparkly clean now), wiping walls, skirting boards and ceiling fans over etc. We also tend to use weekends to tidy up outside too, so cleaning the garage (playroom/storage area for kids toys) we give that a tidy and a sweep, the concrete areas around the house get a sweep or clean using the blower. Sandpit toys get a tidy up, cubbyhouse gets a sweep out and tidy.

Dusting gets done every couple of weeks and I tidy up the computer table and tv unit at the same time. The microwave gets a clean every month or so and so does the top of the fridge and the rangehood (it gets feral up there)

Laundry gets tidied whenever I get a chance and whenever it needs it.

Now I need to go do some of this cleaning of which I speak,lol.
I'm just coming out of a rut, a pretty big rut, and have started to get back in control of things. Including the house. I would do the dishes and that was it. The odd clean of the dining room table etc and that was it.

Now, i'm trying to work out a routine to try to follow regarding cleaning the house. I have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets and a playroom (and we all know how messy those rooms get) as well as two loungerooms and the garage i'm trying to organise so DH can take all the stuff into the shed so we can turn it into a playroom and free up the room that's been taken over with toys tongue

I have started washing clothes every morning after i've done the dishes while the girls are having breakfast and trying to have dinner organised during the day or even the night before.

What routines do you all have? Like, certain things on certain days or just whatever you can get done in the time you have?

I spend a good few hours a day cleaning.

I wash, hang, fold and put away a least one load of washing maybe more the way DS pukes im washing everyday now.
Dishes twice a day.
Vacuum twice my floors get dirty quickly .
Mop once a week as i can get away with vacuuming them.
I tidy up alot i hate things out of place.
Toilet gets a good cleaning when DP gets around to it. It stays pretty clean.
Tidy and wipe kitchen benches everytime someone makes food.
Today need to defrost the fridge it needs to be done every week until we can get it fixed.

My nana gets very carried away with cleaning even when she visits our family she cleans for them while she is there. Her house is very spotless all she does is cook and clean.


That's more than I do on a specific cleaning day! LMAO!!

I absolutely despise cleaning - I clean the kitchen every day - just whack dirty dishes into dishwasher and wipe benches.

Hmmmm. Honestly that's about it on a daily basis! lol

Every night I'll do a quick tidy of the living room - which just involves putting all toys on the kids' lounge thingy and putting dirty clothes in their baskets.

I just do washing whenever it's needed... altho it takes me several days to actually put it away

So from what you've written - you're a cleaning superstar in my books!!! lol

Lol. You've just described me exactly!! I have debated with myself whether to get a cleaner in for a couple hours a week to do odd jobs like bathroom, windows etc but then I feel really guilty like I'm being a terrible wife/mother (anyone else feel like this)? My general rule is communal areas get done first just in case I get surprise visitors, other than that I tend to procrastinate - a lot!
Definitely not a slob!!

My house is really really getting to me at the moment....

I feel like i am always cleaning, but it never gets any cleaner.

I have a 3yr old and a messy husband (as in leaves clothes on the floor where he takes them off - lounge kitchen bedroom wherever) 2 fluffy dogs (one an old english) and a house that is surrounded with mud and leaves. toilet is outside and we have farm animals to feed so are always in and out and everything gets tracked through the house regardless of not wearing shoes inside. building a sandpit in the backyard has not helped one iota.... now we have wet sand on the back verandah. firewood at back verandah too so that drops bits on the floor whenever we bring some in.

So yeah, basically i am usually cleaning on my way through the house, only to be back at square 1 again.
now i want to cry....i just want to get rid of everything!!!
i dont know that people 'get carried away' with cleaning, i rekon you do whatever you have time for - IYKWIM. Both DH & i work full time, so when we are home, we want to be doing 'stuff' with the kids not cleaning.

I am a housekeeping manager in a hotel, so watch people clean all day & spend all day checking toilets, beds, carpets & windows, so when i get home, the last thing i wanna do really is clean.

in my house, the daily chores are
- pine-o-cleaning the toilets - cant stand a dirty toilet.
- mould killer in the shower - if it is needed - at this time of year, prolly once a week, but in the wet season, it is a daily task
- kitchen is always cleaned up after dinner, otherwise we get infested with ants & roaches - another great thing about living in the tropics... argh - breakfast is usually had at school & preschool during the week, on weekends it is cleaned up after every meal.
- washing is put on & hung out at night, or put in the dryer depending on the season - dry season is hung out, wet season is put in the dryer - doesnt get put away usually, left in the basket until someone wears them or mondays come, whichever is first.. LOL
- i guess the kids bathroom bench & sink gets cleaned daily, but that is DS's job & i do it once a week on cleaning day
- quick general tidy of the house
not much really
On a monday - so today - it is full house clean, like a demon.
I'm all over the shop with my cleaning, i don't really have a 'routine' so to speak, i just do what needs doing when it needs doing LOL

Bathrooms get done propely once a week, and toilets although the main toilet is done more often as my 3yo tends to 'miss' the bowl on occasions... Washing is done when it needs to be, usually daily but i have been known not to do it for a couple of days and regret it.

I can be a little pedantic at times, it can take me all day to clean a bathroom because once i start i become really anal and it has to look like its on display when i finish LOL Some days cleaning the kitchen means putting dishes away and wiping the bench, other days it means cleaning the pantry and wiping down cupbooard doors, cleaning out canisters and wiping out cutlery drawers, just depends on my mood in the day really LOL Some days mopping my floors is simply that, other days it means getting down on my hands and knee's and cleaning them til they sparkle, i get the toothbrush onto the grout and get into all the corners that are usually missed with just the mop. LOL Yep i am a virgo. LMAO

I can honestly admit that I don't like to spend a lot of time for cleaning. That's why I was so happy when I read about robotic mop. This gadget has become my reliable cleaning assistant and saves me a lot of time. I usually infect it at night and turn it on during the day for cleaning. This is the most convenient option for me.
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