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this will be our last baby Lock Rss

So all going well with this bubb, he/she will be our last baby. Hubby and I will both be having our tubes done once this bubb is born.

Given that only one baby will use the stuff we buy we dont want to go overboard and buy way too much. It has been 4 years since we last had a baby in the house so what do we need??

We still have a cot, highchair and carseat for the baby. Will we def. need a pram?

I will be buying a new cot linen set as my little splurge, i love their room looking nice!

we are going to do a big layby once we have the morphology scan in 3 weeks.

please help

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

I would definetly get a pram they do get heavy to carry around after a while and not only that it is a way to control/confine them when your out and about and dont have the time or energy to run around after them...

How about a rocker or swing? I loved mine as it was so good to put bubs in while you did stuff around the house.
Hi a swing definately, as PP said it allows you to do stuff around the house and entertains bub or it's great to put them to sleep. IMO much better than a rocker, DD hardly went in hers but the swing a clear winner for me smile
PS How's your foot??

Hi a swing definately, as PP said it allows you to do stuff around the house and entertains bub or it's great to put them to sleep. IMO much better than a rocker, DD hardly went in hers but the swing a clear winner for me smile

Agree 100%. We got given a rocker at my baby shower and used it twice, but my sister's old swing with holes in the fabric I just loved!
Depends as items some people see as needs, others tend to see more as a want. The only thing we bought for DS2 was one outfit and a front pack. laugh DS1 had just turned 4 when he was born. We did use the pram a lot in the early days, but had he liked the sling we wanted to buy then we wouldn't have lugged it about so much or felt we 'needed' it. If we were ever to have another baby, which isn't likely, I personally wouldn't call a pram a need....but then I have found how much easier it is to wrangle a 4 year old with the other one strapped to you. cool

I found that we 'needed' less stuff this time, but that was probably because heaps of the stuff we had when DS1 was a baby he actually hated or rarely used so we weren't going down that road again. The only thing we would have needed was clothes if DS2 had turned out to be a girl, but because he wouldn't cooperate at scan time we were waiting until the birth before spending heaps of money on clothes that might never be needed.

I had both a swing and rocker and used the swing soooo much more. I'd definately go a swing over a rocker smile

Maybe a sling incase your baby is quite unsettled and you need to get things done around the house.

When I had my 2nd DS I used to pop him in the sling when I went for walks or when he was grizzly at home. I would also use it when I was just going to pop over to the shops and couldn't be bothered lugging the pram out. If I wanted his baby bag with me I would put just a few necessary items in a small backpack and use that. I would then have my arms free to hold my older DS hand.

Regards Emma
A wipes I have used it for both kids and will still be using it for Jack until he is out of nappies. Nothing worse than changing bubs nappy and having them scream because the wipes are cold. They have them in Toys R Us, the brand is Prince Lion Heart.

In terms of rockers or swings, we only had a rocker as it was portable and our house is too small for any sort of swing. A jolly jumper of sorts is great too, especially with other kids tearing around the house... lol

Anything like rockers, swings, Jolly Jumpers, Prams can all be purchased second hand. Most stuff I have bought has been around a year old and still in fantastic condition. It is the best way to get quality without having to pay the ridiculously high price tag.

Best of luck for the scan, big positive vibes coming from me.

Oh, also get an airwarp for the cot. Keeps little arms and legs in and does a pretty good job of keeping the dummy the cot.

Is OVER rude people

PS How's your foot??

HIII!!! My foot is going ok, had another x ray the other day and it is slowly healing. It is throbbing though due to the cold and swelling is still there.

I will def. be getting a swing and airwrap! Will have a look at the wipe warmer, never heard of them before.

I will also need to get clothes, i still have some pink stuff but my DD was born in august so totally different seasons!
And I have heaps of blankets and wraps from the twins which i will use for either gender.

thankgs for the replies

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

Wow can't believe you are 16 weeks already! It didnt seem that long ago you you got a bfp. smile

I know smile It has absolutely flown!!

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

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