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You know you really like your man when...... Lock Rss

You are sewing up a hole in his favorite jocks!! *shame*

Sewing socks and jocks is something i said i would NEVER do! lol But apparently they are his fave pair!!

*sigh* the things we do...
I read some of the posts on here about others p*ss poor boyfriends and husbands!
I iron a his shirt and really enjoy it, how sad. can forgive him for doing dick tricks at your 18th into front of all your friends....and then spewing everywhere, leaving it to you to clean up.
You love to see a smile on his face and when he gives you the look you are only too happy to please roll eyes
when after being married for seven years, you still wake up each morning releasing that you have married your soul mate and that you still love him and always will
after 10 years of knowing each other, 8 years of marriage and 4 kids you still miss him like crazy when he goes away for 3 days and you can't sleep properly without him in the bed with you.

Yep, my hubby has been away for 3 days, can't wait til he gets home tonight wink
When you don't even get a card for your FIRST wedding anniversary!! (and don't mind too much) Where to from here?! ;p
When having a cup of tea and piece of toast sitting in the sun in the morning is one of favourite times if day...

when you look into your babies eyes for the first time and know that together you've created something so amazingly precious....

that and...

when you realise his socks dont stink anymore cause you're so used to the smell!!!! lol tongue
when he does a little fart in public and I take the fall for it cause you know that he is about to die of embarrassment if he owned up to it but I can laugh it off ..I swear al out friends think I am an organ arsse lol lol up at 5 every morning making his lunch and breakfast or up until 3 in the morning baking biscuits LOL
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