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husband won’t eat food Lock Rss

My hubby will eat almost everything which is great. He knows to tell me if he doesn't like something.
If he didn't eat what i cook him,well he be a very hungry man. I told him before if you don't like what i cooking you can do the shopping and the cooking and see how you like it when i turn my nose up at the food that he cook.

My ex husband used to do that.

That is all.

well i am a terrible cook and my dh still eats my food. i find it a little disrespectful. why doesnt he cook then...

Same in my household. We couldnt afford this even if DP wanted to!!
that would send me wild if DH did that... my DH doesn't like much variety, he is a meat and veg guy but will try anything and I have been known to cook him something slightly different if ehat me & and the kids are eating wwon't fill him up (he prefers meat and veg as he finds when he gets up at 2am to go to work he is still full) but I don't mind OR he will happily cook himself something else...

I find it very direspectfl and immature, that he will only eat pre packed or takeaway foods.... he is not a child and he should be setting an example for his kids
My BIL does that, he is weird about food. Hw wont eat most of the time, but eats junk. Nothing for him to eat 4 blocks of chocolate on the weekend and nothing else. The sad bit is his 2 eldest (12 and 6) have developed some of his food hang ups.

He thinks it's fine because he's not fat. Great example to set!
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