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Just wondering if anyone has seen her around? Or if anyone knows how she is going?
I've been wondering the same thing, I miss her on here. I know she doesn't have Facebook though, I will send her a pm.
I have her email but have been super slack and not contacted her as yet.... blink

I think she was a bit sick of people being nasty and has found a forum that is a bit less judgemental. Yes yes yes, it is only a small amount of members who are rude, however, sometimes it is just too much and I think enough was enough.

I shall email her later this morning as I too miss her posts.

Is OVER rude people

I've not seen her here, but she has been online (in the last few days) at another forum I'm a member of. smile

hello,I was just having a sticky beak when I saw your post busymum84,I have not been here for a while for various reasons.We have been busy busy busy for a start.I am trying to get my head around my study, kids been a bit crook ,we had a fantastic but exhausting holiday to QLD and northern nsw coast.I have been applying for a few jobs but the agency lady who was helping me left and the agency has relocated so I do not know if they have heard anything.I should have just applied myself as they have the ex agency lady's details. Tomorrow my eldest boy is sitting the test for an Opportunity class for years 5 and 6 so been busy helping him study.I may pop in here occasionally but not every day.I have a sick one home today and a heap of stuff to do so better sign off now.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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