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Likes and dislikes please smile

Can get one cheap, but because DD2 is 9 months, I want to still get good use out of it.
DD1 has wanted to go in the pram lately, so wondering if this could be a helpful option.

Thanks grin

Bubba Moe is great, but i think your better option is an ergo baby or similar carrier. I used a bubba moe up til bub was 6 months, and then the 'pull' on the one shoulder from the sling itself was too much. An ergo distributes the weight evenly and i can wear my 14 kilo 18month for hours.
Good luck with your choice, and well done for wearing your baby!

I dare say my DH would FLOG me if I bought an Ergo! Even second hand, they are pricey! I do have a Mei Hip carrier, but I don't actually like having buckles and stuff digging into my fat rolls! That's what I like about the Bubba Moe- just over the shoulder and in goes baby. Although I am concerned about shoulder strain.
I've also had a Mei Tai which was too hard for me to put on myself!

I think I just like buying things laugh

Hi, if you are after a Ergo check Ebay. There's a couple ending in a day or so that are still below $10!!!! Good Luck grin


A friend lent me a Bubba Moe and I did like it - but only when they were little.
I have big babies and once DD2 was 6 months she was just too heavy in it and it really hurt my shoulders.

I like mine but I can't wear it for too long, DD2 is only 3 months but I'm quite small & have a bad shoulder so I find it pulls on it a bit iykwim?

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