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Do you think pre school is necessary before starting Kindergarten? Rss

DD who is 4 years and will be starting Kindergarten (NSW) in 2012 currently goes to Family daycare two days a week. I'm unsure if I should start looking around and changing her from Daycare to pre school for the 12 months before she starts Kindergarten. She doesn't need it for any additional learning, the only reason I'm thinking about it would be to get her used to the idea of being in a large group with kids her age. She has no problems making friends and is not shy at all. Currently at the Family daycare she only has one child on each day that is her age, the rest are younger.
What would you do? Leave her at Family daycare for the two days, put her into a pre school for two days or have one day at daycare and one day at pre school? They are consecutive days.
I would do one day of each so the transition is easier. Then she isnt having a massive change.
Personally, if I were in that situation with my DS, I wouldnt do the one family daycare, one preschool thing. I would probably swap him to preschool for the 2 days because they would prepare for big school, and I think the more preperation for a 5 day a week change the better IYKWIM

The reason I wouldnt do one of each is because it may cause undue stress on the child to be ferried from one to the other each week, if it were at the same place for the 2 days they would feel more secure and safe and comfortable in my opinion
Emily has only recently started at daycare one day a week and she will start preschool next year. The preschool I am going to enrol her into is 5 days a week, but only 2 1/2 hours per day.

I am hoping to get her into the morning class so that she has a whole year of getting used to going to bed at a set time and getting up at a set time in the morning. It should be good for my son to have a stricter sleep/wake routine. If I can't get my daughter into this particular preschool then she will simpy stay in daycare 1 day a week. By October of this year Jack will be at daycare 1 day a week too, so I won't be able to afford anymore than 1 day a week for each child.
By the time she gets to Kindergarten the transition should be much much easier.

Personally I would stick to one or the other. I feel she will benefit from being around more kids her own age, but she will get that when she starts Kindy anyway....

Is OVER rude people

If it were me, I would leave her at family day care.

DS1 was in a centre from 5 months till he started school and the transition was still hard for him at times so I don't think being in a 'larger' environment is going to really prep a child for a school environment myself. DS2 has never been in daycare and it is quite likely that if we don't decide to home school that he will go straight from being at home with me full-time to being at school.

I agree about not splitting the days though. We had DS1 in daycare 2 days a week and with grandparents the other days from 5 months-2.5 years and that was challenge enough with him doing one week with DP's parents and the next week with my mum. We did think about doing the 2 days in daycare and then one day a week with the alternating grandparents each week but decided it would be too unsettling and that's why we went to them having alternate weeks with him.

i though kindy was a form of preschool??
hi there,
i personally think she should go to pre school, i was a pre school teacher before having my 2 children and i think preschool is very good for kids before starting kindy, it helps them transition better into kindergarten easier as the preschool would be focusing on that, as well as for the social interactions especially for her age group.I personally believe that family day care is great but preschool is better for preparing her, learning, socially, mentally better for beginning kindergarten. good luck, either way they are both good choices, u do what you feel is best for your child, as you know them better than anyone and know whats right.
Judging from how you have described your DD, I don't think it sounds necessary.

My 2 oldest have never done anything or gone anywhere (no daycare or any type of care setting outside the home etc) in order to prepare for schooling apart from the prep orientation day and heaps of me and everyone around them talking up how great it was going to be when they started school. My 2 girls have coped well with starting school, no tears, no dramas, made friends and are happy.

Normal everyday social outings with family and friends and how my girls coped and reacted,plus their maturity level and their personality types are the main things I looked at when gauging my children's readiness for school. I didn't feel the need to enroll them in any sort of care before being of school age in order to prepare them.

I actually see prep year as getting her ready for year 1, with the school routines (like assembly), getting used to the school environment, the teachers, and the interactions they have with the older grades in the school etc)

DD2 who is in prep is 5yo (6 next month) and some days the 5 days a week, 6 hours a day really takes it out of her but if she is really tired I give her a day off. One day here and there is not a big deal (to me) and prep year here isn't even compulsory. As the year has gone on I have found DD2 is coping much better with the full days at school, not as emotional or tired at the end of the day.

I also want to add that from my conversations with other Mum's at the school...there are a LOT of children in my DD's class (who HAVE been in daycare, kindy etc prior to starting school) that have the same issues with adjusting to schooling as she has had. Daycare, kindy etc didn't really help prepare them for schooling much at all.

I wouldnt say it is necessary as such but I do think its alot of fun. My four year old DD goes to preschool 2 days a week from 9am to 3pm and LOVES it. All the kids are 4 or just turning 5 and a day goes something like this

9am - 9.30am free play (different activities are set up like puzzels, drawing, building blocks, toys)

9.30am welcome song and roll call, they sing a song about saying hello in lots of different languages and at roll call they will answer their name with a different greeting every day, yesterday was Bula!

Following that they talk about the subject for the term - this term its garbage collection and recycling and then they do the mystery bag (each kid gets a turn at bringing something from home & the other kids ask questions to figure out whats in the bag).

Then they do craft and have several different tables set up with different things they can make

11am is shared fruit morning tea

12pm is lunch then if its a nice day they play outside and have lots of different equipment and a little vegie garden they plant things in and tend to

1 - 1.30pm is quiet time, they can have a rest on a pillow or "read"

Then till 3pm they do singing, more play and end with a story

For my DD it wasnt so much preparing her for school but giving her the opportunity to play with other kids her age. She has never been in childcare and while we do other activities like playgroup, that's only once a week for 2 hours. She was more than ready to get out into the world and absolutely loves going to school.

Next year she will start kindergarten which is the first year of school here so every day 9-3pm.
My DS (3.5yrs) will also be starting Kindergarten in 2012 in NSW.

Since 16 months old he has been at the same daycare centre 3 days per/week while I'm at work. And to be honest, he is getting very bored of just "playing" and is ready to start to actually learn.

So next year i am sending him to Preschool for those 3 days in preparation for "big school" the following year.

I thought about the idea of keeping him in daycare for 1 day and sending him to Preschool for the other 2 make the transition easier... but i think he will benefit alot more from Preschool in regards to being more prepared for big school and I hope he will make friends with kids that he will then go on to Kindy with.
Thanks for all the opinions. I think I will go and have a look at a few different pre schools in my area and see what their program is and the different structure between a pre school and Family daycare. Then decide whether DD will benefit from going to pre school.

i though kindy was a form of preschool??

In NSW you have Pre school or daycare and then when you are 4 1/2 years - 5 1/2 years you start Kindergarten at your chosen school followed by year 1, year 2 etc. I think it's different for each state. I see some people talking about pre school on here and start thinking what are they talking about lol, then I realise that they are probably in a different state to me.
Preschool activities include additional learning exercises and writing - the basics of the primary school. Some parents face problems with the expressiveness: kids cannot speak freely and their speech is not fluent. Writing rhymes, essays, short riddles makes kids remember the structure of sentences. Thus, they learn reading and writing with ease: essays about education in kindergarten and pre-school institutions.
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