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  5. Does anyone else find Jimmy Giggle strangley mezmerizing....?

Does anyone else find Jimmy Giggle strangley mezmerizing....? Lock Rss

For some reason when he comes on I just stop and watch.... lol.... goodness knows why!

Edited because I noticed a typo...

Is OVER rude people

lol yes and it also means an hour of quiet from DD
Bahahahah I'm sorry but I just nearly spat my drink out then!!!!!!

Um, no. I don't. I find him incredibly annoying, as with many of those kiddy people, however the girls love him (and Hoot) so I can live with that.

I do however on occasion find myself getting drawn into watching one of the shows on I do like Peppa Pig....hehehe smile
Nope can't say I do,lol.
I do however find him incredibly annoying.
I think that if he wasnt acting like such a tool he might be quite attractive, so i think i can see where your coming from. It did make me laugh when i read it tho!
I've heard about this phenomenon from others but sorry, I don't see it.
giggle is cool. lol hmm... 5 steps to bed... sweet
Yep smile I've had a crush on him for AGES!! LOL tongue

omg! he is the most annoying person on tv!! yuk yuk yuk! shoot him!
Quick....he's on....
I find him to be an annoying little shiit TBH! LOL in i'm mesmerized by the thought of beating him with a golf club! laugh

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