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Hi, I have decided to get myself a baby sling for when bub arrives, I'm going to have 2 toddlers as well as bub and want to be able to keep all of them under control but don't want to have to buy a 3 seater pram lol. I already have DS3 & DD 20 months and don't know what bubs going to be but want to buy one now while I have the spare money. I can have Black, Brown, Chocolate, White, Dark Blue, Royal Blue, Teal, Purple, Red or Pink. I don't really want a dark colour because its going to be a summer bub and I think the light colours might stain to easy having to deal with toddlers, I'm currently leaning toward Royal Blue or Teal as they're fairly gender neutral what does everyone think?


If it was me I would go for red!

My vote is for Royal blue. I bought one in cornflour blue and I wish I got it a little darker.


I would go for Teal, Purple (think that would be fine for either gender) or Red.

Royal blue that the colour of my sling and i love the colour

I bought one off ebay and it's black on one side and purple on the other smile

But without that option, I probably would go for a navy or green.

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