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So much has happened in 2 years Lock Rss

Two Years ago today I lost my last baby ...

I dont dwell on it as I now FINALLY have my baby ..who is at this very min sitting on my loungroom floor at my feet playing with a toy phone lol lol ...

But I cant help but remember how much I was hurting this time two years ago ..dont know how I would have survived that time and till now with out you lot ..I have made some very real and dear friends (some very real and not so dear emamys to lol lol lol ) and I really want to thank you all for being so supportive and encouraging and welcoming ... 3 years in this place has changed the way I think on alot of things and cemented how I think on other things !!

SO ...thanks to all who supported and encouraged me ...long road but this little girl was worth the wait lol lol ...have to go now cause she has just pulled the cord out of my lappy ....she is such a little monkey I tell ya ..she keeps me on my toes lol lol

Aaaaaw I'm so happy you got your long awaited for baby and she's everything you ever dreamed of! Except it wasn't a george like you thought LOL

I also remember what it's like to lose baby after baby (for me it was 6 years ago) and having had 2 healthy beautiful babies since then and I get how important it is to have support through such a rough time. And I wish you all the luck for any future babies you may add to your family xoxox

I was POSITIVE she was going to be George lol lol ...

Thanks CHerry xoxo

Frankie, I know exactly what you mean about not dwelling on the pain so much now you have your babies! I wish you and your family every happiness for the future and if you decide to add to your gorgeous family I hope everything goes swimmingly grin

I also know what you mean about this place. There are some absolutely gorgeous women on here who even though I havent met mean a lot to me and have helped me like they will never fully understand. The journey of creating a family has given my husband and I the absolute very best times and the very worst times of our lives.

thinking of you xxx

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

You know I love you long time Frankie!! wub

wub LOVES wub

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