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What highchair would you recommend? Lock Rss

Easy to clean would be my top priority if I had to buy any more highchairs. The soft cushioned ones look nice but are a b itch to clean tbh and really how cushy does a highchair need to be?

I would go for one that has as few nooks and crannies as possible, and is made from materials that you can just take the whole damn thing outside and hose it off! Babies, esp as they get older and start exploring food and feeding themselves make a HUGE mess (well my 4 all have).

As cute as the one is you are looking at....I don't think it looks very practical personally and it is a crazy price for what is essentially still just a highchair.

I would buy separately a baby swing or bouncer if you want something to put your newborn/young baby in and I would just buy a basic highchair.
The antilop from Ikea is what we have. $35 with a tray. I take it outside and squirt it off when the baby has eaten something messy. It's compact, looks good, and is practical. When she's old enough to not have the tray on, we'll use it as a chair at the dining table.

My first highchair for the older two kids was a padded thing that was horrendous to clean.
E's been using her Ikea one since she could sit and one of the boys I use to care for was using his until 2.5 and he was a big boy so I don't think getting one that is adjustable makes any difference. Someone said to me the other day their inlaws had bought them a highchair that reclines and goes up and down etc etc and I was like... why? What's the point?
I agree on getting a cheap highchair and a bouncer. The bouncer was a lifesaver when E was a baby and liked to sleep upright because she was a spewer, I'm not sure the baby would be happy just to sit in a chair that doesn't rock, bounce or swing. I have a babybjorn bouncer and it's awesome as well. Just plain navy with cute wooden toy bar and it all comes apart for washing. Much better than the ones with loud jungle, fish or sesame street patterns! laugh
I also saw a plain plastic highchair in Target the other day, similar to the ikea one if there's no ikea near you.
Sorry but I really think you'd be better off spending that sort of money on something more practical.
We've got the Mother's Choice Babycino highchair. Its easy to clean and you can fold it up to store it when you're not using it or if you need to take it somewhere, you can carry it like a briefcase. I think it cost about $90 delivered from smile

Ive never seen those IKEA ones before, but I just searched them up on the net and they look great!

Thanks ladies for your replies. Seen as this is our first child, I am unaware of all these things. I think we will opt for a cheaper high chair. My cousins have thrown in and bought us a bouncer, so I will just use that until he/she is old enough to sit in the high chair.

All i can say is OMG!!! 320 bucks for a highchair, yikes. What a high tech crazy chair

TBH all these fang dangle expensive high chairs are a waste (and so hard to clean!). Ikea. 30 bucks. Wipe it down-bam clean. (If it's really bad you can even take it outside to hose!) You can easily take the legs off to take it somewhere.
I have had ours since my DS was born 3 years ago, DD is using it now and it's still going strong. Best 30 bucks Ive ever spent!
Get the IL's to buy you something else that will be useful and grab the cheapo highchair I reckon!
I have a fisher price one i paid about $150 for on sale. It's got the padded cover which i have to take off and wash and food does get stuck in bits under the cushion. currently 2.5yr DS uses is with no cover on so it's still nice when i put DD in it.

At the moment im using DS in the highchair, DD in a bumbo seat which is perfect. I dont think they really need a highchair to 8-9months and knowing what i do now i would have bought an ikea one smile
I noticed the Big W baby sale catalogue has ours smile

It's the highchair that converts to a table and chair.
I love it! The only problem is you have to keep tightening the screws angry

When we eat at the table the top part sits in the base and it's a normal high chair. When DD2 was younger I would feed her lunch and watch Dr phil in the loungeroom tongue so i'd pull the chair part out of the base at the dining room table and take it into the loungeroom, sit on the lounge and feed her. Perfect. The only reason we got it was because DD2 was in a brace so couldn't fit in regular highchairs and when we were at the table eating she'd be on the floor in a bean bag and I hated it sad It made me sad that she couldn't be up with us and interacting with us. She was also unable to learn to sit on her own because of the treatment but she wanted to be upright so bouncers etc were out sad Now DD1 sits at her little table and DD2 sits in the chair part in the loungeroom watchin tv nibbling on snacks etc during the day. Whenever DD1 has something DD2 wants it so in order to keep the house somewhat in order I plonk them in front of the tv with sultanas, cheese and fruit or similar and they share with, annoy and fight with each other while I do the dishes etc tongue Mother of the year! LMAO!

It's a handy thing to have and I love it smile You can't fold it, you have to pull it apart if you want to hide it but I just push it up to the table like the other chairs. It sticks out a bit more but it's part of our dining set smile Classy! lol!!!

I purchased a Love & Care Futura high chair (brand new) for $15 at garage sale and then saw the Steelcraft Messina 2nd hand for $15 so I bought that too as the latter has height adjustment and reclining.

I just wanted to ask, cos I'm going to sell one and only keep one as Hubby is hyperventilating as I've got 2 high chairs, 2 change tables and a rocker and a swing for a bubba not even born yet, he thinks that a rocker and swing is one and the same...I suppose it kinda is laugh so I'm wanting to sell 1 of the change tables and 1 of the high chairs...

So which do you ladies think I should keep?
Ikea all the way
I totally agree,as little padding as possible so its easy to clean . It's amazing how messy feeding is with a toddler. We have a mammas and pappas pixi, really easy to clean, removable tray so she can sit at an adult table, really small compared to most others and it folds flat for storage if you are short on space.
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