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What highchair would you recommend? Lock Rss

You really don't need a high chair from birth you don't use it until they start solid foods at 4 months old. My favourite baby chairs are the mamas and papas baby snug can use from 3 months and its been awesome for us had a tonne of use and still looks brand new easiest thing to clean in the world! And the Phil and Teds Poppy highchair is perfect can also be used down low like the baby snug or for an older child as a kiddies seat and our boys LOVE it! The both of these can be bought for less than $200 and they are so worth having and easy to take places for out and about dining too!

If you want somewhere for them to sit and play and be upright from birth I'd be looking at a swing with reclining positions we had an old fashioned bouncer and it sucked our kids were too long and too light to fit properly was a waste of $50. I love the features of the mamas and papas starlite swing its on my wishlist!
Ikea highchair. Honestly, the rest are consumer traps. Save your money. I've had 5 children and the Ikea one is easy clean, safe and great.
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