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We want to TTC for November/December at the EARLIEST... (working the pregnancy around deployments) IF it happens what would be the earliest you would get the mirena out??
There seems to be big differences in how long it takes ppl to fall pregnant after having the Mirena out.

From my own experience, I had the Mirena taken out on Nov 19 2009. Bled after having it taken out (could have been AF), and then definitely had my AF on 21 Dec, and fell pregnant on that cycle. smile I've also had friends fall pregnant on first cycle. I have heard of it taking months/years though too.

If you wanted to fall in November, I'd aim for October to have it out, and if your body doesn't fall into a cycle straight away, December could be it. BUT, it could take longer, it all depends on your body/cycle. Do you spot at all with the Mirena in? I was spotting every month (just for a day) so I had a good idea on my cycle still. If you are getting any sort of spotting, maybe start charting now, and see what sort of cycle you are having.


as soon as the mirena is out you are fertile again... so I would be getting it out when you want to start TTC
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