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Can I have a tiny brag please! Lock Rss

Hey Bridejo,

Im a fan from facebook - love your work. Its funny cause a few months ago I only ever thought there was one little girl until my sister (who just bought one of your dresses) was talking about the second girl and im like where??? Its the same girl in each pic??
But you have very adorable identical twins!! Two little miracles I hear smile

I love the frilly rompers you did not long ago to - very cute!
BJ your clothes are worthy of a brag post. They are EXCEPTIONAL!!!! smile smile

Gorgeous stuff, my relos from Canada want to buy some dresses, I told them there's a bit of a wait though. You'll be world famous soon.
I forgot to comment on these photos when you first put them on FB....absolutely beautiful! You did a fantastic job smile
Thanks for all the LOVELY replies ladies!
Yes, I have 2 girls, they are identical lol, so sometimes I get B to model and other times J...whoever I can bribe at the time!
As for my bridiejo clothes...well how I WISH I had time to dedicate fully to it! I just LOVE doing it, I feel so creative and to be honest it is such an ego boost when people love what you are doing lol! It is really only a hobby for me so I just "sew as I go" when time permits. Maybe in my next life I could have a bridiejo boutique!
Absolutely adorable smile (dresses AND model smile )
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