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With all the speculation surrounding missing Keisha Lock Rss

about what really goes on.

Does anyone remember a month or maybe more ago now there was a home invasion in Lurnea? The guy tried to protect his girlfriend and mother by locking them in a bedroom whilst he fought off 4 attackers.... he died the next day in Liverpool hospital. Well, it was not a random home invasion. Yes, one guy was charged in relation to a home invasion in Warwick Farm the night previous, but I know no further details on that, but the one at Lurnea was not random.

As soon as I heard it on the news I knew something just wasn't right. It just didn't sound like a random attack, I told my sister straight away that either he had a run in with someone (as he was a security guard) and it was a revenge attack or it was drug related. There are a lot of sick people in the world, but an attack like this is extremely rare. Well, surprise surprise it was drug related. Drug dealer or not, the attack was vicious and with the injuries he sustained there was no way that he could be saved, an axe is no match for a guy who is protecting him self with a machete against 4 attackers.

Anyway, back to Keisha, although the details are sketchy and alot of it is unconfirmed by the police, it just doesn't seem right to me, again from the first news report, it just didn't seem right. I truly hope that whoever took her, took her for the right reasons and that they are giving her a better quality of life than she had before, and I say that without knowing what her home life was like. I just hope she is in a better place, with someone to hold and comfort her......

Is OVER rude people

I hope the same thing for this little girl to Michelle ..but unofrtunatly children taken in this circumstances are not taken so they can be loved and nurtured ..

If this little girl was in dangor with her family then there step that need to be taken legally ,now they will have to run forever ..I she would have had to have ahd a crap of a life if being on the run is a better option .I have a cousin I called child services on and with in 48 hours there was someone there questioning and checking .. Scared the crap out of her and now she is afraid to do what she was previously doing ...she should not do it cause it is wrong not cause she is scared she is going to be cought...but oh well...cant have everything now can we ? lol lol

Someone stealing my children is absolutly one of my biggest fears ...I dont care what others think but I have taught Luke to tell people to Rack off if they come to the door when i am having a shower or putting Grace to bed ...I lock all the doors and wont let them outside on their own ...When Luke was a baby it got to me so bad that I used to sleep on his floor so they would have to trip over me to get to him right now heart is absolutly broken and aching for this family and I am not going to asume anything until she is home where she belongs

Just to add ...I have the same ache in my heart for Maddy McCann and her family ...that is just tragic and they now have to go the rest of their lives not knowing what pourpose that little girl was taken for ...I just find it hard to point my finger at the parents ...I just cant do it ..they have that same emptyness in their eyes as Daniel Morcombs mum has ...It really really hurts to think about it !!! .......

i heard on the news last night that she had been away from school "sick" for a week b4 hand. This rings alarm bells for me.
Apparently she was off school for a week due to the birth of her baby brother- still odd IMO though.

The whole thing seems strange- even down to her mother putting her to bed in Pink PJs AND a Purple Jacket????

I just hope she is found safe and well.
I find it odd she didn't notice her missing until 10:30AM!

I find it odd she didn't notice her missing until 10:30AM!

Yep like I said the whole thing is STRANGE.
I think their is something suspisious about the whole thing.

I read yesterday that wshe has only been at school 5 days this year. WTF? Its August and she has only attended 5 days?!!

Also, their is no reason i can honestly think off that i would put my kids to bed in pj's and a jacket??!! If its cold, warmer pj's or an extra layer underneath, or more blankets on top of them, certainly not a jacket.

And the door may have been left unlocked....umm hello, its 2010!! Who lives in suburbia and leaves their doors unlocked these days?!

Well I got my head bitten off for jumping to conclusions before so I will give them the benefit of the doubt... but I wont be surprised by anything.
There is always more to the story than what we read on the news. I do think there is something suspicious about this we will just see how it pans out. I really hope she is safe.
the 11 am radio news just said her disappearance is being treated a murder angry sad

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

whilst i acknowledge that often the media does not often portray the whole truth in matters involving child protection this case rings massive alarm someone mentioned it is 2010 and the family did not have their door locked, this is even more concerning as the area that it is reported that the family live in it is rough and has a high rate of crime, also the media have reported she has attended school on only 5 days this year and the last time someone independant of the mother and step father/boyfriend saw this little girl was over 3 weeks ago (including family and neighbours), also that she is known to child protection services (however this means only that a report has been received and does not indicate whether it was an open and allocated case or how many reports have been received that she may have been at risk)...latest reports are that police are now searching the home, it is assumed that with any child disappearance that a general walk through of the crime scene would have occured at the commencement of the investigation so this idicates that they are now looking for evidence beyond what may be seen on the surface of the home...i hope that justice is brought to whoever was involved in this little girls disappearance and that the two other children in the home are currently safe
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