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  5. It has been six months today since

It has been six months today since Lock Rss

my baby boys were born. And I have fallen apart going through their memory boxes. In some ways it feels like a lifetime ago and in other ways the pain is still so raw it feel like yesterday.

I will think of them and remember those precious hours i had with them both untill i am no longer on earth. Miss you both more than anything, it hurts so much xxxx

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

*Big hugs* and thinking of you honey xx
Hugs to you xxooxx.

We will let 2 blue ballons go at the park tomorrow to remember your boys.
You poor thing, I cant even begin to know what you are going through but think you are amazing. Am thinking a special thought for your boys today x

So sorry for your loss sad (((GBH)))
Sending you great big cyber hugs.

Thinking of you today and also your 2 special boys, much love xx

i am so sorry i cant imagine what your feeling. rest in peace little angels thinking of you and your special boys today.

Thinking of you and your beautiful boys today.. Big Hugs xxx

Thinking of you. xx

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