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Does anyone want to share their meal plan for the week or fortnight? Lock Rss

I've been doing meal plans and I'm loving being able to look at my list and know what's for dinner for the coming days, but I love having a variety of foods. I get bored with foods lol. So who wants to share their meal plans they have for the coming week/s?
This week is like this

Monday - Saucy sausages with mash

Today - Slow cooked corned beef with mustard sauce, mashed potato, mashed kumara and vegies

Wednesday - Mince and potato hotpot

Thursday - French onion chicken casserole and rice

Friday - Whatever is on special when I get groceries

I do my plans weekly with one normal week and one budget week and I get most my recipes from and do my meal plan on there smile

This week is

Monday- Spag bol
Tuesday- Kievs chips and vegies
Wednesday- Sausage caserol with mash
Thursday- Fried rice
Friday- Homemade pizza
Sat- Chicken Parmys
Sun- Cottage pie

Next week is

Monday- Chicken tonight & rice
Tuseday- Saussages and salad
Wednesday- Burittos
Thursday- Pumpkin lasagne
Friday- Harch steak and vegies
Sat- Chicken carbonara
Sun- French onion lamb chops
This Week:

WED: Nasi Goreng
THUR: Macaroni Beef
FRI: Left overs/toasted sangas
SAT: Spaghetti Puttanesca with Garlic Pizza and Sorbet
SUN: Roast Beef and Vegies and Golden Syrup Dumplings
MON: Shepards Pie with Chunky Vegie Chips
TU: Left Overs/Toasted Sangas

Sunday cooking: Orange Cake, Tea Cake, Jam Wheels, Custard Creams.

Next Week:

WED: Hoisin Pork on Rice
THUR: Curry Chicken on Mash
FRI: Left Overs/Toasted Sangas
SAT: Guiness Beef Stew and Irish Mist Cream
SUN: Silverside and vegies with Chocolate Cream Cheesecake
MON: Lasagne and Vegie Chips
TUES: Steak and Potatoe Bake

Sunday Cooking: Banana Cake, Peanut choc chip muffins, double choc chip muffins

We have theme nights every saturday night, so italian week 1 and irish week 2, chinese, japenese, australian, american, just shakes things up and gives the kids an opportunity to try new things. And if Im up for it I will make a friday night a pizza night, where I make all the bases and the kids make their own pizzas and we watch movies and eat pizza.

If you want any recipes let me know.
mummy 2 4+1, all I can say is YUUUUUMMMM!!!
I'm coming for dinner next Sunday! Mmmmm cheesecake grin
I don't really follow a meal plan but I usually make a different meat meal each night or vegetarian eg:
-Chicken schnitzel, mashed potato, veges and gravy
-Beef stir fry with udon noodles
-vegetarian quiche (carnation light soy milk, veges, eggs and flour)
-pork loins in creamy mushrrom sauce with mashed potatoes and veges
-chicken kebabs with satay sauce, rice and veges
-lasnagne with veges or a salad
-other meals I cook are
-chicken, vege, pumpkin, potato and leek or pea and ham soup (with fresh bread from the bread maker)
-chicken and spinach pie
-beef stroganoff
-spinach cheese slice
-sweet potato and leek tarts
-zucchini quiche
-fettecini carbonara
-chicken pot pie
chicken or beef curry (curry powder)
chicken thai red curry
-salmon with creamy sauce and salad
-fish on the bbq
-garlic prawns and rice and veges
-anything that goes on the bbq!

I have more but I think that's enough. lol

Wow, looking at that I do have a few more meals than I thought! I was getting into a bit of a meal rut but I think I was just cooking up the easiest meals, I might have to copy this list to remind myself of what I can make.

Everything is from scratch, I get rotten headaches from packet mixes and tin soup, I wish I didn't because it would make things a lot quicker when I'm in a hurry!
I haven't written mine yet but i will give you some of the meals that we make on a regular basis.

Chicken schnitzels with either gravy, parmy or bacon sweet chili and cheese topping. Served with mash and veg or chips and salad.
Crumbed fish with sweet potato mash and veg or salad and baked potatoes.
Steak with mushroom sauce, sweet potato mash and broccolini.
Chicken pasta bake.
Roast pork chops with roast potatos and veg.
Spag bol
Apricot chicken with rice and veg.
Devilled sausages.
Crumbed chops with potato bake, and veg or salad and chips.
Marinated chicken with hassleback poatatoes.
Napolitana pasta,,,, pasta with bacon cherry tomatoes, rocket and parmesan,,,, Fettucine with roast pumpkin, bacon, feta and rocket,,,, macaroni cheese with bacon and spinach.
Zuchinni slice.
Homemade pizzes.
Chicken and veg, pumpkin, potato leek and bacon or minestrone soup.
Spinach and ricotta cannelloni.

We are trying to save money as we have at least one night a week that consists of toasties, eggs, baked beans etc.

HTH smile
Mine gos from sunday to sunday


Sunday - slow cooker casserole (red wine beef ..was FOUL sad )

Monday - Crumbed chicken and veg

Tuesday - was meant to be beef strog but couldnt be fagged so we had Pizza

Wednesday - was meant to be crumbed lamb chops but will be beef strog cause the meat is already defrosted

Thursday - roast chicken breast and veg

Friday - grilled fresh fish with veg and cheese sauce

Saturday - chicken wings and fried rice

Sunday - rolled roast lamb and veg

mummy 2 4+1, all I can say is YUUUUUMMMM!!!
I'm coming for dinner next Sunday! Mmmmm cheesecake grin

No probs, its my bribery for the kids - dessert is always available to those who clear their plates lol
Thanks everyone for sharing. There is some yummy things listed that I'm going to try. smile
anyone care to share their sausage casserole recipe?

Sausage Caserol

1 onion sliced
6-8 sausages
1/4 cup tomato sauce
1/4 cup bbq sauce
1 tbsp worcetershire sauce
1 packet french onion soup mix
1 tbsp plain flour
1 carrot sliced
1-2 cups frozen peas & corn
6-8 potatos for mashing
1/2 cup grated cheese
butter for the mash

*boil potatos for mash
*cook onion until soft , add sausages and cook , add carrot cook for 1min
*combine tomato sauce , bbq sauce , worcetishire sauce , soup mix , flour and 1/2 cup of water . Add to sausages and bring to boil.
*put saussage mix into caserol dish , add peas & corn . Top with mash & sprinkle with cheese .
* bake for 30min or until golden

I double this recipe and freez for lunches smile
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