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My DD that is.
I can't bring myself to cut her hair because it is straight/slightly wavy until the last inch or so, which is beautiful ringlets. I know if i cut them they will probably be gone forever so i have left her hair to grow and when it is wet its about half way down her back, past her shoulder blades.

everyone keeps saying she needs a hair cut so that he hair grows well and thickens up (it has done that on its own over the past year or so) She doesnt seem to have any split ends but in saying that, she does have some breakage from frequently having it tied up etc.

So whats your thoughts? think i should get it cut and risk losing her locks? im torn!
DD1 has had her fringe cut but we've never cut the back. It is long and healthy and I don't really see the need to cut it yet. We look after it, it is clean, she is used to having it brushed etc.

I figure if you like it, leave it! smile
That cutting to make hair thicker is a crock of poo!!! LOL

Dont cut her hair if its as beautiful as you say.

My DD1 only got her hair cut for the first time about a month ago and yes while it looks thicker, its only because its neater. Her hair is as straight as a pin though.

Personally, I wouldnt cut the curls off - how adorable!!!
thanks! smile
everytime i go to get my fringe trimmed the hairdresser tells me i should get hers cut but i keep thinking its just a ploy to make me spend more money LOL

the only downside to her hair is that it becomes incredibly knotty if left out for even a few hours so its mostly tied up or plaited but yeah, i think its adorable so i dont really wanna risk losing the curls!
I would leave it until it started getting unhealthy or to long. My little cousin had ringlets down the bottom of her hair and she was beautiful! but got them cut off at about 3 and has never had them again
how do you define "too long" though? i love long hair on little girls smile
my DD is similar age and only just had her fringe cut. But her hair is barely at her sholders but has a lovely curl to it. My first DD was the same and she did lose the curl when i cut it but it got to the point where i just had to because of the knots. Both my kids have really thin hair that knots easily.

I think you will find if you get it trimmed it will look so much neater. But really it's not important. They are only little for a short time. Make the most of it before she dictates how she wants her hair cut.
when i was 5 i still hadnt had a hair cut! haha but only coz it wouldnt grow smile
DD has very knotty hair too. drives me bonkers but i guess not enough to bring myself to cut it lol.
even if i did take her for a trim i dont think i'd get more than a cm off anyway so its probably pointless tongue

wow if i didnt cut DDs til she was 5, at this rate it would be down to her knees LOL
i use adult shampoo, no conditioner and adult conditioning spray (sometimes) and have found my girls hair much easier to manage than when i used kids stuff.
DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cut DD's and they ruined it it looked awful for weeks, she is the same age as your DD pretty much and has only had the one hair cut, she cant have a fringe so i dont plan on getting it done again for a long time
ive been using a kids shampoo and putting a little adult conditioner through the ends and not really washing it out all that thoroughly so it helps to keep the knots out while shes tossing and turning in bed.
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