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2yrs 7mths Lock Rss

My DD that is.
I can't bring myself to cut her hair because it is straight/slightly wavy until the last inch or so, which is beautiful ringlets.

You have just described my DD's hair exactly. I have been asked numerous times if I take her to the salon to have her ringlets professionally done! lol!

I have also never cut her hair because I don't want to lose the ringlets, she is 2 years 0 months. We are not planning on cutting it anytime soon, there's no need atm. So I guess, if you don't want to cut it yet, don't.

My DD that is.
I can't bring myself to cut her hair because it is straight/slightly wavy until the last inch or so, which is beautiful ringlets. I know if i cut them they will probably be gone forever so i have left her hair to grow and when it is wet its about half way down her back, past her shoulder blades.

everyone keeps saying she needs a hair cut so that he hair grows well and thickens up (it has done that on its own over the past year or so) She doesnt seem to have any split ends but in saying that, she does have some breakage from frequently having it tied up etc.

So whats your thoughts? think i should get it cut and risk losing her locks? im torn!

Sorry haven't read all the replies but don't do it!!!!!!!! Lol. My DDs hair is really curly too and she's about the same age as your DD. I've never cut it and my hairdresser said cutting your hair doen't make it grow because it grows from the roots not the ends!! I've always tied DDs hair up because I'm not a fan of short curly hair. But I loveee long curly hair. And it's starting to get to that nice length now where she can wear it out. I don't plan on cutting hers anytime soon. Mind you DS has had about 10 haircuts and he's only 11 months!!

how do you define "too long" though? i love long hair on little girls smile

id say to long is getting in her way and starting to annoy her...i also love long hair on little girls
Dd1 got her haircut last Christmas at 3 years and 3 months. She was very happy to get it done- it's amazing what a lollypop will do. Her hair is just straight with a slight kink. I got picked on as well.

Neither dh or I like short hair on toddlers- particuly the Dora type bowl cut or ones that look like a mullet. It's back almost to her bum again so i'll cut it at Christmas again. Dd2 still has short hair, but it's finally getting a bit of length. I might get it done at christmas but i'll see how it looks. I figure if they have some length when they are old enough to choose a style they have a bit to work with.
thanks for the replies.
just on the subject of having a hard time getting her hair cut, i really dont think it will be a problem. while i get mine done, she sits in this little red car seat with a steering wheel that they provide for the kids to sit in to keep them happy and she loves it. she also sits still to have nails polished etc and sits still to have her face painted so i dont think it would be a drama. shes old enough to understand the concept of sitting still and is not afraid of hairdressers.
Also, if she had curly hair all over i'd not be worried about losing the curls but i had the exact same hair as her when i was little and when i finally had my first proper hair cut, i never saw a curl on my head again. they were only down the bottom and once they were cut they were gone for good. i now have fairly straight hair but with a bit of a wave through it - which is exactly the same as DD. thats why im hesitant.

DD is 3 (nearly 4) and has had her hair cut every 8 weeks since she was 6 weeks old, it just grows so fast! lately when we go to the hairdressers she says 'just my fringe' cos she wants ot real long lol. it already touches her bottom when wet, but is wavy / sligh ringlet curls when dry and sits at about the shoulder blades, maybe a lil lower. her curls dont go away with cuts smile

DS's hair is really curly, tight little red curls, lol, unless i brush it down flat and put some balm on it lol. i cut it, and those curls come straight back lol.

when i was younger, i had tight little blonde ringlets, a whole head full, and with each cut, they got looser and looser, and now i have wavy hair - except when it rains, then its curls curls curls lol.

so i guess after all that rambling my point is if they r gonna drop out they will, if they r gonna stay they will. smile

I had my little man's hair cut after lots of comments (mostly from his dad) that he looked like a girl with that curly hair. I had it trimmed and his ringlets are gone forever. I recommend leaving it be if you love it, there's no way to get it back when it's gone! Also try using a satin pillow case as well as the adult conditioner to keep it from tangling. I used to have very long hair and using plenty of good quality conditioner as well as the satin slip kept my hair tangle and split end free for much longer between trims!
Speaking from a personal level i had beautiful curls as a child until my mother was convinced to cut them off and they never came back again, my ds had beautiful ringlets and had his first hair cut at 2 then it grew until he was at school, he now has it cut short and its still got a curl but my dd had no curl whatso ever and at 2 years 8 months has never had a hair cut. her hair is just past her shoulderblades and occasionally gets a ringlet or two. I wouldn't bother cutting her hair unless it started looking ratty and was annoying her. She is used to having it brushed and wears it up most of the time and i plat it before bed. it's your choice do what you feel comfortable with.
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