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Anyone had to regrow a toenail? Lock Rss

I posted a bit ago about my stupid big toe so this is my little update lol! I've had an ingrown toenail cut out on the left side of it twice and the right side once (they did both sides at one go). So now it looks like my nail isn't actually attached to my toe anymore! I can't explain it properly without putting a picture up and I don't really want to make anyone look at it as it looks gnarly! But (if you can picture this) at the base of my nail if you just pull gently on my toe, as if you're trying to pull the skin away from the base of the nail, you can see a clear gap between my skin and nail and it looks white, as though there is nothing under it rather than a healthy pink blink

So now I don't know what to do! I'm not sure it's not still attached on the sides as it still hurts and I guess if it all wasn't attached then it'd fall off.. Right? So I don't want to go to the doctor and have to have some weird half removal but I'm getting married in 3 months so I want to do something so I'm not in pain on my wedding day! I've accepted I'm not going to have a pretty toe sad wink

If you've regrown a nail (and especially if you've had issues with it being ingrown) did it hurt when it regrew? And did it get ingrown again??

Maybe you could call your local dr and ask to speak to the nurse?? They might give you an idea of whether it needs looking at by the dr again??? I dropped a brick on my foot and had to regrow a toenail, it wasn't ingrown but it did look just as you've described, while it was growing back. Mine didn't hurt though (well, after the initial trauma had healed lol). This is going to sound so gross but I used very sharp nail scissors and just kept it all trimmed and as much of the dead bit cut off as possible, so that it didn't catch on my shoes or socks or anything.
In my teens I had my toenail removed twice because it was ingrown. First time it was only half, the second it was all of it, both times when it grew back it was ingrown. When it finally grew back after it was all taken, it didn't look connected to my toe iykwim. It was actually infected - fungal not oozing liquid type infected. It was cloudy white/yellow in colour. And when you cut the nail it was really tuff and basically flaked away like you were filing it. I didn't treat it, but you can by over the counter stuff for fungal infections if thats what you have, I just let it grow out - it took ages. But when it grew back it was infected and I most definately was not getting it cut out again. Instead I would just roll a bit of cotton wool up and shove it down the ingrown side under the nail. Yes it hurt but it eventually grew out right. Haven't had any problems with it since.
I have no idea, but just wanted to post my sympathies as I cringed and said OUCH out loud when I read your post! Good luck!
i had to regrow a toenail coz i kicked the table that hard it snapped the nail at the bottom. so i had old nail, gap, then new nail. was weird. mine grew fine. never had ingrown tho. so yeh
Oooh, doesn't sound good. I had to regrow a toenail. I somehow managed to "kill" my toenail, my hiking boot got wet, shrunk and part of it cut in just below the base of my nail, I continued to wear it for a week - idiot. The nail went white over the next few weeks, then one night, for some stupid reason I lifted the top corner at the whole thing came away except for one bottom corner. After sitting with my head between my knees for a while I plucked up the courage to cut the last bit free. The new nail was already 1/4 way regrown and came though with no problems at all. It had been ingrown years ago, but no problems since. I had one of those surgeries done where part of the nail is removed and the nail bed is killed so it doesn't regrow. It's one seriously ugly toe smile


Glad I'm not the only one with a buggered up toe haha! I hit in in March 2008.. So over 2yrs ago and I've had issues ever since, I hate my stupid toe lol. Both times they cut it the doctor didn't kill the base of the nail so it wouldn't grow back. I didn't hear about this until a couple of months back otherwise I would have asked him too, so wish he did the first time and it'd be over with by now! Another doctor offered to cut it and kill the nail but I'm too scared too so I got a referral to the hospital. They've told me I have to wait about 8 months though sad And that was before my nail 'died'.

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