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Scanpan Lock Rss

I'm looking at purchasing new cookware and have been looking at the Scanpan Impact range. Does anyone have this and what do you think of it?
Thanks smile
I have Scanpan knife block and steak knives, they are great and perfectly balanced. I think scanpan is an awesome brand. Not sure about the Impact range but the brand itself is great.

I have not used Scanpan products but I've heard Scanpan is an excellent brand with a good range available.

Sorry can't be more use to you. unsure
I do, love mine. However, the fry pan that came in my set isn't that great the only thing I like cooking in it is risotto everything else gets cooked in my good old heavy based Maxwell & Williams one.
this is the set i bought;jsessionid=qPv9M01Sz14JvBw9vJJT1wngsWvBFn2JSMGfwkGXhXB9GlJn869plqRnjh8jG68nbhnct2xDzsQ6QDhQZzJHvLnGFRHnvD5xf7GLwMk1RL1nFvWVznvtxLxjQnvqvv2T!-962468735

ETA If I was buying again I would get the classic range, my mum has those and I like them a bit better

Ive got saucepans from the impact range and love them. Also got a non stick fry pan from the classic range and love it too.
I bought my brother a few saucepans and frypan recently from the impact range for his wedding and they like them. I bought them from the peters of kensington website (a sydney store) for a good price, the cheapest i could find (on the net anyway, nowhere around here sells them).
I know Myer and David Jones have sales once a year where you can pick up scanpan items nearly half price (this is how ive accumulated mine, would have cost a fortune at full price).

Jack ''08 & Bump ''10

Most of our pots and pans are from the Scanpan Impact range and we love them.
I've just put a small set (only set of 3) on layby, thanks for the replies smile
I have the copperknox range. i love them, well worth every cent!!
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