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i cam on a few weeks ago saying my husband had had what they thought was a seziure. wellit was. he is going for a sleep deprived EEG next month. he hasd abnormal hyperventilation in the regular EEG. he is always tired with head spins. he has to sleep properly and eat 6 times a day, as soon as his sugar levels go down the head spins start which makes him tired.

so far he hasnt ad another seziure. (fingers crossed he may not have any more) butatleast we know now that there is deffentaly a problem.
i am trying to write a letter to the hospital,i dont expect anything to come out of it but i think they should know they stuffed up and shouldnt have just palmed us off. he Should have been told NOT to drive, that he cnt drink as it will set a seziure off if he gets drunks.
that is a whole other argument.

i am just happy that we are getting answers and to know thatthere is actually something wrong, and its not just mind games.
the docter is pretty sure it is caused from scar tissue from the aneurysm that burst and not the other one growing, (i really hope he is right)

sorry for all the spelling mistakes i have a new keyboard and the keys arent quiet in the same spot.

Wow. What you must be going through.

Yes, at least you have answers and can now deal with the problems with the help of your doctors.

What is it with hospitals lately? So many people are having issues with them giving incorrect treatments and diagnosies. Yes, write a letter to the hospital.

Hope your DH improves from now on.

All the best & big hugs.
the hospital hasn't been in my good books from the first time i took him 4years ago.

things are going ok at the moment, just the dizzyness mainly.
It's great to hear you finally have some answers and now they can start working on helping get your DH on the road to recovery.

I have to agree about the hospitals....they are getting sooo bad lately. A fella up here got left in the waiting room whilst having a stroke cos they were too busy to get him in, so he left and drove himself to his GP, hitting 2 cars on the way and is now recovering in another hospital...WTF is going on when someone in the midst of having a stroke gets left sitting in the waiting room and told to call someone if his symptoms get worse? One of these days (and it won't be too far away I reckon) someone is going to die in the waiting room sad

HeartKids show courage, strength & tenacity

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