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I am looking at getting a new car seat for DD1 who has just turned 2 as DD2 will soon be out of the capsule and will need the current seat DD1 has.

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good one? I was looking at the Maxi Rider but have been looking online at reviews and some people haven't been happy with them by the looks of things.

Any suggests would be great.
Also I don't want something too wide incase we have a 3rd bub and the 3 kids will need to be along the back seat.

Thanks for your help
I personally dont like the maxi riders. I think their are much better car seats/boosters out there. I have a Infa secure DLX (from 8kgs) which is great. Ive also seen a Safety 1st car seat (from 8kgs) that looks quite good.
I love the maxi rider. I've had 3 seat across the back in a couple of cars(landcruiser + falcon) and have had no problem fitting (1 maxirider, 1 booster, 1 S+S car seat)
I personally have maxi riders for both of my kids, one is the AHR one and one is just the normal one. I love them and so do they, but there is no way i can fit another baby seat inbetween (we have a magna) so i will have to change both there seats if i have another one.
Thanks for your replies smile

Anyone else with any suggestions??

Hi, we bought a Hipod Senator from Target. I think this is the only place it's sold. Similar price to the MAxi-Rider, and we managed to get ours on special.
Anyway, my DS loves it and we have no issues with it, really easy to use. Can be a little fiddly to install but not too bad. I believe it to be the safest car seat in it's category.
Seemed slightly narrower than the MAxi-Rider, which was important for us as number 3 is on the way.

Happy Shopping smile
I have a Maxi Rider and I love it. I wouldnt go anything but Safe and Sound after me and my DD were in a car that rolled 2-3times last yr. I had a fractured skull and she didnt have a scratch on her. As for the width, they are probably a bit wider than others.
I hope you find what you are looking for smile

We recently purchased a Hipod Senator for DS (almost 2.5yr). Love it. Bit slimmer than the Maxi rider and performs very well in safety tests.

We have a maxi rider for DS. Im like a PP and only use safe and sound car seats. The only problem is that sometimes DH has a hard time putting the seat belt through the back of it as he has big hands. The little drink holders are great though and DS also uses them to put his dummy in when we get out the car wink
I have a Hipod Senator for DD1 (6 1/2 yrs) and she has been in that since she was 4..its been great for us and DD1 loves it. DD2 will be using it once she is ready to move out of her baby seat.

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