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how long had you been with your DP/DF/DH Lock Rss

Just curious...

I was 16 when I fell pregnant with DS and me and his father had been on and off for around 5mnths (obviously not a stable relationship!) We got back together when we found out I was pregnant but that only lasted a couple of months, so basically I did the whole pregnancy/birth/mum thing on my own.

I do want another baby (or two) but would definitly want different circumtances next time, but of course I love my son to bits and i wouldn't change him for the world!!
DH and I had been together for 2yrs when we decided to TTC. We miscarried and the following year we started TTC again and had DD1 smile We had been together for 3yrs and 2months when DD1 was born.

Eeeeeep! We'd been together 2 months when I found out I was 5 weeks! gasp

Just curious...

DH and I have been together [in some way] for about HOLEY MAMOLEY !!!!!!!!!! (JUST DID SOME MATH HERE) gasp and OMG, that's damn close to 10 whole years. just a bit wacko , 'kay so definately more than a bit wacko .

So very long (in my head LOL LOL LOL)

Married for 10 years before we had DD but we were only babies when we got married lol

I was only with my DP for 4 months before I found out I was pregnant. A real shock for me as I was on the pill at the time. It will be our year anniversary next month and our baby girl will be due the following month. We are still crazy in love too smile
Together for 5 years, married for 2 of them. Only recently decided to ttc because we are coming to a crossroads in our careers that seems like good timing.
DH and I had been together 9 years (we got together very young- I was 19, he was 18) and married for 2 when we decided to get pregnant with DD.
DP and i have been together 4 years in may. We found out i was 8 weeks on our one year anniversary I was 16 and very shocked.
DF and i had only been together 3 months when we found out we were expecting DD, a little scary but exciting as we were serious from the start. we have now been together just over 3 years and will be married next november smile

me and my fiance have been together for 7 years in december since we were 13 when we met and i was 17 when i fell pregnant and 18 when i had our son. i have always wanted children and always wanted to be a young mummy guess my wish came true lol now im 19 and pregnant with our second bundle of joy.

We being together now for 4 years and we were married just over a year when bub was born.

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