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who have you met? Rss

Sort of from another post. Who have you run into on your travels?

I met one of the founders of green peace at a train station. I also have twice almost run into Suzie O'Neil (Olympic swimmer) okay the last time she was running and almost crashed into me pmsl.
A couple of the V8 supercar drivers when i was into it,
Anthony Callea

BUT my fav person iv met is Jack from home and away (paul O'brian)
I met him in a nightclub in Tas when he was down visiting his parents and he was awesome, pics, dancing and drinkies was great fun, his sister is a sweetheart too!
lots of footy players (broncos , warriors) and radio people (ugly phil, andy grace, maroon, andrew g, merrick and rosso, bianca dye, jackio, kyle, rove, fifi box, maz, kent and matty.

I'm a bit bad with names and people for that matter, so unless it's someone off a show i watch i wouldn't have a clue who they are LOL

Madeline west came into my work once, i knew who she was (neighbours fan LOL)

A newsreader, can't remember her name, she was pretty though LOL

Bron off allsaints and her hubby, is her name libby tanner or something??

Seen a footy player up the street one day my friend tried to chase him and i was running after her saying who is it, who? i don't know what your talking about LOL, can't think of his name he was pretty popular tall guy LOL so that's narrowed it down to how many blokes LOL

And at the pub one night with dp was talking to some random guy having a great old chat, then i went to the toilets and a friend come running up omg do you know him blah blah blah, was another footy player, i had no idea think i asked where he was from and all that, probably thought i was such a goose LOL

Seen the chick who used to play summer on neighbours in the shops once.

Think that's about it. probably more but i wouldn't have the foggiest who they are LOL
i served heath ledger and eddie maguire when i was working in a newsagency (not on the same day lol)

on our honeymoon we went to the gold coast and kept meeting warrick cappa. we even got roped into doing one of those time share seminars and he went up in the lift with us. at least we ended up with cheap tickets for the theme parks lol!!

for those of you in perth - i have also met gary shannon. it was many years ago, with my ex. my ex was very cheeky, and told him he had a face for radio blink and gary shannon replied: at least i'm not shorter than my woman mate. haha.

Ummmm, not many really. All I can think of is a few old Home and Away stars, Beau Brady and Bec Cartwright used my bathroom at home... lol... I was all dressed up too... in my summer nightie... lol There was another young bloke with them but I can't remember his name.

I used to be Brad Morrins boss, he plays for the Canterbury Bulldogs. It was just as he was starting to play in the Premier League. Well he didn't report to me directly, I was the site supervisor and he was a storeman, but he company was small. I remember when he arrived for the interview, the warehouse supervisor was off sick, so I had to interview him... lol... I called up one of the guys in the warehouse to sit with me, he didn't say much to Brad, just smiled lots and started to sweat. Needless to say he was a big bulldogs fan. Brads sister also worked for me in the office.

My mum met lots of celebrities in her younger days. The nicest person was granny from the Beverly Hill Billies. Mum said she was just so sweet and really really petite... lol

Is OVER rude people

Also saw several times, but never spoke to Adrianna Xenides as she was shopping in our local Coles store.

Is OVER rude people

I used to work at Gold Class movies in New Zealand and would constantly have celebs coming in.

Have now got a list of meeting half the Shortland Street cast, half the Outrageous Fortune cast, Rhys Darby, and for the odd premier the cast of movies from LA..not the kind of movies I enjoy though so can't remember the names sad

Is a real shame it was all through work, would have loved to of been able to ask for some of their autographs.
I havent actually MET these people but I see them around a bit.

I see Rebecca Gibney at my local Woolies every now and then.
My MIL sold her her house so I know she lives local, and my auntie books her flights lol

I've seen Shannon off The Biggest Loser locally a few times too.

I used to see some of the Home & Away kids around; Chris Egan (and his little brother), Chris Hemsworth etc

I've seen Andrew G at the local mall a few times too smile

Ohh where do i start?? Lol nar its not that much tee hee

*Entire Maroons footy team
*John Wood (blue heelers)
*Pat Rafter (tennis)
*Jesse Spencer (neighbours actor)
*Micheal Caton (Packed to the rafters)
*Glenn Robbins (russel coight?)
*Phil (from last yrs biggest loser!)
*Jo Beth Taylor (actress)
*Shannon Noll (singer)
*Guy Sebastian (singer)
*Nick Skitz (DJ)
*Tiesto (DJ)
*Various radio announcers lol

I have met these people, mostly served them when working or chased them down in the street for autographs hahaha
Living in Noosa has its perks!! Everyone comes here for holidays grin
The young guy off the McCains ad (i think thats the ad) he used to be in neighbours. He partner a girl from school in her deb and we met him there.

I used to work for a merchandising head office and Universal was one of my clients. So I used to get to go to some red carpet movie premiers. Brushed passed lots of celebs there, but didnt actually meet any of them.
Just after I left school I worked in a wealthy suburb (pity my job didn't pay so well!! lol) and a few famous people came through all the time, were always very nice and chatty, plus I've met a few others through different things....

Nicky Buckley (off Temptation) and her hubby Murray Bingham
Denise Drysdale (hehehehe but she was really nice)
Nick Cave
Livinia Nixon
Harold from Neighbours (can't remember his real name lol)
Matthew Richardson (mmmmmmm)
Most of the cast of Red Dwarf

I know there's others, but I can't remember through my foggy brain lol
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