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who have you met? Rss

most of these Adelaide girls will know. I used to work at Subway and had:
Joh Ridell, Leigh McLusky, Jane Doyle, Tony McGuniess, Georgina McGuniess, Pilko (who is now the fil to my cousin), most of the Crows players, Lleyton Hewitt, Scott McBain, the Designer Direct lady.
When visting my friend in hospital bumoed into Jason Gulesspie (sp) from the Australian Cricket team as his wife just had her baby as well.

I saw matthew mccanaughy riding his motorcycle in cairns (when he wsa up there filming fools gold)

Also went to school with Isabel lucas altho i didnt know her as she was the grade above me.

wow how boring am i!!

I was in sydney in 05 and saw Rove and Belinda just after they had been married i think getting out of a car right in front of me.
Ive seen Richo, buddy and lots of hawks players
Mark Thompson (geelong coach) at crown casino
Hmm thats all i can think of

Ive met HEAPS of musicians but no one would of heard of them LOL (They are all in the Metal genre)

I have met Peter (Spider) Everett when he played for St Kilda back in the day ( i was madly in love with him LOL)

We spent a night partying with some of the West Coast Eagles too (Selwood, Hunter, Kerr etc)

Thats about it really..... I have met heaps of local celebrities but mainly musicians, coz i go to ALOT of gigs/concerts smile
I had my 25th birthday at The Heritage restaurant in Brisbane and sitting at the table next to us was Geoffrey Rush and Dawn Fraser as well as quite a few recognisable faces but couldnt put a name to them.

I also used to do swimming at state level and often got to meet/compete against Haily Lewis. Kieren Perkins used to train with us as well but he's a complete and utter tosser and sooooooo full of himself! tongue I met Matt Welsh at a swim meet once and he was as drop dead gorgous then as he is now!!!! lol

I'm also distantly related to Matthew & Andrew Johns, but I dont care to ever meet them after what they did to our family.
David Beckham, i got to be his chaparone for 3hours when i worked at the airport.

Poor me!!! NOT!!! tongue

Met many others but he was the cutest!! grin
A few as well as know a few

Paul O'brien ( Jack off home and Away) he is my cousins mate

Delta Goodrem , I was friends with her brother and went out with her a few times before she really became so famous

Bec and Lleyton Hewitt they are friends of a friend of mine and we have been to functions a few times when they have been there.

The sunrise crew

Greg Page ( Old yellow wiggle) Hubby works for him ocassionaly.

David Beckham, i got to be his chaparone for 3hours when i worked at the airport.

Poor me!!! NOT!!! tongue

Met many others but he was the cutest!! grin

OMG you lucky lucky girl!

I havent met any celebs but I've seen a few in my travels

Princess Diana & Prince Charles
Liam & Noel Gallagher from Oasis
Hugh Grant
That dude from NCIS, lead character whoever he is
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