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Hi Ladies,
Just wondering what the pros and cons are of having one of those rear view mirrors, so I can see our baby, whilst rearward facing in the car?? Any brands which are better than others?

My link

Hi, I had one of these for DS, I loved it.
While they are rear facing you can still see their face.
I just had a cheap one i got from target, did the trick though!

I love mine. I have my actual rear view mirror set up so that at one level I'm looking out the back window using it and at the other I can see my children (DS as a reflection in his little mirror thing). For me its fantastic because when he makes a noise I can check to see if he's actually ok or whether I need to stop and respond to his cry etc. It also keeps DS occupied because he sits there babbling at his reflection and pulling faces at himself lol.

I had this one thats on your link, I loved it, but I think the whole remote controlled with flashing lights and music probably isn't necessary, I purchased this one from target and the only reason I got it was because we were given a giftcard when bubs was born. Any mirror along the same lines would be fine, altho if you do want the music and lights go for it, just mentioned as you could probably get one cheaper smile
We have a cheap rearview mirror I got from target. It was about $8 it doesnt look as nice as your one, but it can be used as front facing mirror too once you change the seat to front facing.
Thanks ladies.

We put the car seat in the car on the weekend, so I can get used to it been there and I also only have a week and a half to my due date, so I wanted to be prepared and I really think I want to be able to see our baby whilst driving along.

Are the dream baby ones alright?? I dont think I want the flash Fisher Price one, so are there specific brands you ladies recommend?? I only have Big W or Kmart here, no Target unfortunately!! sad


I got that mirror for our baby girl from Big W, she love's it. the mirror is big enough that i can see her whole body. The music and the lights keep her entertained if she gets a bit restless too and im the only one in the car which is helpful.
I found the rear vision mirrors terrible because they were so small, in order to see my DS when he was rear facing I had to take my eyes off the road longer than I felt comfortable doing. What I did find good though is a large kiddies mirror thing that I set up at his feet, where he could use it to see himself and keep himself amused and it was big enough for me just to take a quick glance and I could see him clearly.

Edit - just looked at your link, that larger style is good
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