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Hubby and I were thinking about buying our 4.5 year old some hermit crabs. I've been doing some research and can't decide . Ive also read some people say it's cruel to keep them as pets. So do you have them? Are they easy to take care of?

i havent got any but my best friend had them growing up and to be honest they are pretty boring LOL
they are also very fragile so you need to be sure to supervise because they can easily be crushed/stepped on/lost.
i think its important for kids to have pets growing up but to me, they arent a good choice for quite young kids.
fish are safer as they cant really be hurt from behind the safety of the glass. LOL
make sure you heat the tank in winter or you will wake up in the morning and all bar one will be dead and then you will have to take the remaining one back to the pet store in an effort to save its life!!!

They also always seemed to be able to get out of the tank, I would wake in the morning and find them half way down the hall!

They arent that fragile, the shells are pretty strong and they hide in there if threatened, but supervision with kids is a must so they dont try and pull them out. I used to take one of mine and put it on my leg while I was lying on the couch watching TV and it would crawl down my leg and sit on my big toe!!

I enjoyed having them as they are quite low maintenance, I just hope they forgive me for committing mass murder on them through neglect :)O

They are cute. I've never had hermit crabs but my sister had some a few years back & she said they were not that easy to keep & they kept dying.

My step daughter (11) had some last year & she got frustrated because they kept dying too.

They don't seem to have a long life span.

Fish are easier according to my sister.
I had hermit crabs a few years ago. I did everything I was told, had the salt water for their bath (and bought special salt), bought a variety of sized shells for when they grew etc etc. But they kept dying. I had one that I had for quite a while but his friend died (don't know why!) so I bought 2 more and then they died (I had them for a little bit before they died but eventually they did) and I think over time I bought a couple more and then my original one died so I gave up! I kept going back to the pet store and trying to figure it out but no clue. So I'm glad others had the same problem and it wasn't just me.

I had hermit crabs when i was little and never remember them dying?? I do however remember them biting me! But like PP have said, fish are sooo much easier to look after smile
I've had them and had the same problem of them dying when I thought I was doing everything right. They are supposed to live for ages too but mine never did.
Rats are awesome pets but a 4.5 year old would need lots of supervision with them. I had mice growing up but I was a bit older I only had cats when I was that young.
I looked after hermit crabs at work. I think they are great little guys! They need to be warm and the tank needs humidity. A spray with a squirty bottle a couple of times a day will do. They need a constant supply of fresh water and salt water. They need substrate that they can dig themselves into. They are fed hermit crab pellets and fresh fruit and veg a few times a week. They also need a couple of different size shells they can rehouse themselves in. Supervision is needed for any kid with a pet, not just because they break easily. We have fish, dd is always climbing up to pat
My sons got hermit crabs for Christmas, they were gigaintic creepy ones lol. They are now dead sad We did erverything we were meant to and kept their tank warm but they still croaked. Plus my DS1 was terrified after one latched onto his hand and wouldn't let got for about 10 minutes, even with us applying hot/cold water, salt, gentle pulling etc. So they can bite and it hurts! Maybe a budgie or some fish might be more interesting for a 4.5 year old, and without the fragility. I had a siamese fighting fish for about 3 years, he was a tough little guy and the kids loved him smile
I bought my sons 2 hermit crabs about 2 years ago (they were aged 4.5 and 6.5). They are pretty boring and my kids got sick of them pretty quick. Occassionally they would get them out or have a look in the tank but overall, pretty boring!

Also the whole death thing - the first crab died after a few weeks. The pet store suggested that they like to live in groups so I bought 3 more. Then my girlfriend had some which her 3 year old son kept taking out and leaving around the house so she gave them to me so I had 7. Over the next year or so 3 died. Then this year 3 more died and the final one died about 3 weeks ago. I'm not going to get any more.

My tank was quite cool, had a desert theme and had little palm trees and rocks. I secretly liked the crabs and the tank lived on my bench. Ocassionally the crabs were active so I would stop and watch them for a while. I found them easy to care for but wouldn't recommend them as a pet so much because you really dont interact with them a whole lot and my kids needed supervising when they did get them out. (There would be some people who disagree, some of the websites are made by crazy hermit crab people who play with them and wear hermit crab t-shirts and earings. Odd)

Dont get me started on mice! We bought a $70 cage and all of the accessories with 2 mice. Had the stupid things 2 days and they died! I thought mice would be indestructable. After begging for them my kids ended up hating them - all they did was bite!!!! Have had guinnea pigs to if you want to know about them....haha.
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