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does anyones child have GERD Rss

My son 4yrs old has suffered from GERD serverly for 2yrs. The doctors have only just this week given me a diagnois. He vomits in his mouth than reswallows it. (YUCK)

I have in the last 2yrs been desparate for a diagnois. Now I have it I am a bit stuck

I have taken him to the chiropractor naturopath allergy tests. given him 5 different antacids. I really have been trying. Two doctors told me he was just doing it for attention GRRRRRRR.

I have an appointment for the mater hospital for next week. But I am going to rearrange that as the diagnois for GERD was only just given and the doctor said the specialist wont be able to do much. Still going to go in a couple of months but going to give acupuncture and another naturopath a go.

Has anyone found success with any thing that works? I feel sick for my little boy. There have been things I have been feeding him without realising that they are affecting him. So I am going to give diet and a list of other things a wirl.
Im not entirely sure what GERD acronym stands for but my son used to vomit all the time, i now have an extreme fear of vomiting!! It turned out that he was anaphylactic to eggs and nuts but was not having a full blown reaction each time thank god!
I had to see so many specialists to make my point heard, i knew something was wrong but no one was listening. My only advise is not to stop until you get answers. no one vomits for no reason, theres a reaction happening and something is causing it.

Good luck
Ok so i just googled GERD and that sounds exactly like what my son had. He got ear infections and tonsilitis all the time too which is part of that and unfortunately went deaf from the ear infections. we had surgery last year to correct it and hes now a very normal talkitive 4 year old. (he stopped talking at 18 months)
Demand allergy tests from your doctors and keep getting more if nothing immediately shows up.
He had way enlarged tonsils and adanoids which had to be removed that was causing a lot of problems.
Even though they have a name for it, its still telling you that something is making it happen. Good luck on your search.
It is hard with kids with reflux especially when you dont know whats really going on.. I suggest getting a referral to a good paediatric gastroentrologist firstly to find out if any damage has been done to the esophagus.. Foods to avoid are any that give you gas so things like broccoli, cabbage, beans, apples.. best way to find these out is to google foods to avoid with irritable bowel syndrom they list all the gasey foods (gives their bums problems rather then their tummy's though).. also things like spicy foods, soft drinks, high fat foods... There actually is something they can do about it but it depends on the severity of the GERD its called a fundoplication operation were they basically tighten up the top of the stomach by wrapping it around the esophagus this site gives you a good explanation about it all [url="Nissen fundoplication"][/url] I think it is really important though that you speak to a good gastroentrologist about this all though as well as a dietician, most major hospitals have one as part of a women's and childrens health unit, again speak to the doc they should be able to help with this. Have they done any testing at all like an endoscopy? barium swallow or anything? They can be really important to see if any damage has been done

I have had GERD myself for many many years. It did alot of damage to my throat, which still isn't completely healed. You probably already know this, but you need to find the cause to fix the GERD. In my case it was a gluten intolerance. I was eating gluten for 10 years before I realised what was going on. This did alot of damage which cause GERD, along with many others things including an impared immune system.

I would bug those doctors until they help your son, demand food allergy testing. Food intolerances are a possible cause, which can't be tested for. You could try an elimination diet under the doctors supervision.

In the mean time I found an excellent reflux/indigestion relief without haven't to take antacids all the time. Honey! Not the honey you buy from the supermarkek, this will do nothing. You need to get active honey, unprocessed from a health food shop. Not only does if relieve the reflux, it helps to heal the throat. But this is just temporary relief until the cause is found.

Also, you might like to know that those naturopathic allergy testing things are a scam!

Good luck, I hope you find answers soon.
WELL Happy to report we went for accupuncture today and OMG he hasn't thrown up ONCE since lunch. he is so proud of himself. I totally love my little man. He is an amazing darling.

So he has probably about 10 more sessions and a allegy test on Monday. But BY GOD it I am so happy and relieved
So angry at all the doctors. So happy that we finally have a diagnosis and also the acupuncturist that seem to know a lot. The allergy test on Monday should be interesting.
That's great the acupuncture seems to be helping!!!
DP has acid reflux, as far as I know this is the same as GERD?? Maybe? Symptoms you have explained are the same anyway. Tomatoes, soft drink, fatty junk food, and drinking copious amounts of milk (he sometimes likes to drink 1L at once lol) gives him reflux/vomiting. So he tends to avoid these foods. I would start recording what foods he has eaten before he starts vomiting and try and cut these down.
It is so upsetting that he has had this for this long and within 10 minutes the acupuncture had done its thing.
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