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how to put Coffee maker in a better light .... was thinking barrister but not sure if it's the word i'm looking for thanks

ok so i need to somehow write i am a great worker and just need someone to give me a go ! i've put in about 30 resumes in the last 3months to places looking for workers and i've had 1 interview noone will even give me a 2nd look because i took the last 6 years off to raise my kids so it really suxs ... realise now i should of gone straight back to work ! i am so desperate to go to work i'm at the point i would offer to work for free for a few days but not sure how to even aproach that! i know that once they saw how hard i work i would get the job but noone will give me a chance so over the dissapointment of it all!
thanks guys !
have a gr8 night sam

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Are you writing cover letters to go with your applications?
You need to use your mothering skills to show how great you'd be!
So talk about your organisational skills, time management, problem solving, how you resolve disputes... that kind of thing!

Hard isn't it?
I've been out of work for the past 5 years and now I'm applying for jobs that I've never had any experience in - I've only ever really worked at three places and they've all been customer service/retail type jobs and I'm now applying for teaching positions!

Good luck tho!!

not really a cover letter more of a note down bottom i've only really worked in 1 place in high school was there bout 6 yrs and tuckshop work at my sons school last year so yeah not lookin good but hopeing with xmas hols comeing up someone might give me a chance ! good luck to you 2 !

MUM TO RJ 28 10 03 & EJ 23 07 06

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