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HELP Looking for pattern for a mei tai sling Lock Rss

I tried one my friend had on the weekend and OMG they are awesome. I carried my little guy on my back for ages, he loved it and was comfy, and my already sore back didnt even hurt, in fact it helped it as it kind of forced my posture straighter!!

So I want to sew one myself, so I am looking for a free pattern, but I will pay if someone has made one and swears that it is good gasp)

And also a suggestion for the type of fabric I should use to make it?
I made this one and I love it!

I used denim for the straps and the internal structure (a double-layer internally), some nice soft minkee for the inside, and some really hard-to-sew-with interlock for the outer. Looks good but was sooooo bad to work with! Next time I'd go with a nice cotton weave instead, I think, maybe quilters cotton or something. Oh, and polar fleece for the padding.

It was so easy following this tute, I'm an amateur sewer but mine turned out so well, is really comfy (even now with DD at 26 months and weighing approx 13 kg, I barely notice her on my back), and I've had some lovely compliments on it too (was leaving the Pregnancy, Childrens & Babies Expo last year, wearing DD in it, and someone asked me where I'd gotten it from because she thought it was better than all the slings/carriers she'd seen at the expo!).

thanks guys, now off to the fabric shop!!!
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