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Karicare Soy single sachets Lock Rss

As the topic states I am trying to get hold of some Karicare Soy formula sachets but can not find them anywhere grrr... Ok so I know they make them (rang them and they said they do but could not find anywhere near me that stocks them) so can I ask that any one that works in a chemist (or perhaps if you are in one) to have a look and let me know if they stock them.

I am so wanting to put some in the cars and hand bag for emergency situations as I keep forgetting to change the formula in the containers lol so it has to be tossed

Looking forward to hearing from anyone lol



PS I am willing to try other SOY sachets if needed as long as they are milk, and egg free I am happy to take suggestions lol

Leigha''s little men smile

can you get them in the long life? or maybe ask if they can send some out to you.. or try online chemists? or what about your child health nurse?

hope you find some

Where you able to find some?
I am searching as well
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