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What is your dream lifestyle? Rss

Well I must admit that I am on my way to living my dream lifestyle...

My DH is a builder and we are currently building our 50sqm dream home, on a 2000sqm flat block. 5 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms in the town that we were both born in and grew up!I am hoping we can have perfectly established gardens and a vegie patch. A great backyard for my boys to play in. And I only dream about having all the wonderful things to fill our house, but its a start!

Ideally we wouldnt have the gigantic mortgage to pay, have a boat and campervan (winabago thingy)savings to go on holidays whenever we wanted.
My DH would be home on weekends and we can spend our time together as a family at home!

My dream lifestyle would be that of 'Desperate Housewives's' Bree Van De Kamp.
I would live on Wisteria Lane in a picture perfect house with beautiful gardens in a picture perfect suburb. I would still be a SAHM & do lots of baking & cooking. My wardrobe would be full of Chanel, Oscar De La Renta etc...and I'd wear Manolo's & Jimmy Choo's & Christian Louboutan's everyday. I would drive a Mercedes Benz ML & DH would drive an E-Class.
For holidays we would go skiing in Aspen (whilst staying in our ski lodge of course) and to the Greek Islands (also have a house there) where we would go sailing on our yaht.

DH and I would love to own some acreage around the Yeppoon/Byfield area for a mango/lychee/chilli farm (working on it). To have some room for the kids to have some fun, ride a horse, a quad bike etc, experience what I grew up with as a kid.

Forgoing that.... when we win the lotto hubby and I would love to take the kids on a world tour (on a long term/permanent basis), with a nanny/grandma coming along so we could do some jaunts away from the kids when we wanted to say dive some sunken ship wrecks or explore an island etc.

Ohh love the Cashmere Hills! Such an amazing view from up there

I would also love a hidden library! Somewhere I could sneek off to and read for an hour or two and not be disturbed wink Nothing wrong with an outlander either but you wouldn't like a lambo or ferrari since we're not worrying about moolaa? You could use your lamborghini as a daily driver and save the mitsi for sunday drives laugh laugh

rofl.. nah never taken my fancy, now if i didn't have to load all the munchkins up then it would be an austin martin (sp?) *drool*, but i really really love the mitsi's.. ah one day grin

Something like this would be nice...
and this would really float my boat <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

oooooohhhh i so want the second one! thats so beautiful *grabs a bucket for the drool*
to have children who actually like each other and not fight/ argue

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

My new pad...

I'll go halves with ya! <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

Gee wiz.........makes me sick that someone (other than me of course) can afford to live some place like that! *sigh*

To have a couple of acres (lusterous and green of course) with a nice sized house(the back of the house will be all glass), nothing to large but not wanting for space...a great entertaining area, pool that wraps around two sides of the house like an L, Parents loft, with a lovely cleaner/nanny for when we want adult time wink and enough money to never 'want' for things that we will never have. but i would like to be somewhat modest, so the kids aren't total spoilt TURDS haha

Of corse we only work part time 6 months out of 12 because my husbands ridiculously successful boutique butcher shop is run by a trusted friend the rest of the time. and we have a holiday home in Italy - Greek islands - Sweden ....modest of coarse... tongue

Realistic dream - To buy a home we love in a great location thats big enough we can stay in so the kids can grow up in one place and come back home with our grandchildren and show them there old bedrooms and cubby house ect.. smile

BenjaminandKalebs_Mummy wrote:
I’ve sort of got 2 LOL....DF’s idea is based on 1 location and mine is another location...I’d be happy with either one!!

We’d have a 10-12 bay shed with 3 phase power and a mezzanine floor above for either storage or a workspace for me. One end of the shed would be a fully equipped workshop with all the tools for things ranging from metal-work to a wood lathe and everything in between. One part will be set aside for a games room/bar area and a pergola area running off that section for an outdoor entertaining area...BBQ, big screen TV for watching the footy,V8 Supercars etc. DF would have room for his 1962 F100, 1948 Style-side F100 and 1927 Ford T-Bucket and I’d have a space set aside for my 1967 Shelby GT500 ‘Eleanor’, as well as room for my 4WD, another 4WD ute for ‘farm-work’, the camper trailer, boat, tractor, ride-on mower and quads for the kids. We’d also have about a dozen head of cattle and the same of sheep for meat so we pretty much self sufficient except for dry goods. There’d also be a 2-way set-up in the main house and shed (base sets) and 2-ways in the vehicles used around the property. There’d also be 2-3 x 50,000 litre water tanks behind the shed for use around the gardens etc. Obviously there’d be at least one big dam and a couple of smaller ones and a couple of horses as well.


You are almost voiced the dream of my husband. He is interested in welding and wants to make it his main business. We need a lot of space for this.
I think the love for welding is often a phenomenon in men. Some were able to make a permanent business out of it, but I myself am still considering semi-professional welding machines at The Welding Pro. I have a lot of enthusiasm and I try to find out the maximum about it. How many hours a week is your husband practicing?
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