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Have a good friend who has a newborn in the midst of new born CRAZINESS....i said i'd forward her the Tizzie Hall routine, we used it for DS2....i cant bloody find it! I looked at the website but it only comes up to buy stuff.....

Im pretty sure there is one to use from newborn? Anyone? smile smile

Thanks in Advance

It's your lucky day, I got te book out yesterday to look over.

1-8wk old breastfed baby.

6:40am - Express as much as you can, up to 90ml, from right breast.
7am - wake baby, feed for up to 25 mins from left breast. Feed for up to 15 mins from right breast.
8:15am - bed
9:40am - express up to 90ml from left breast.
10am - wake baby, feed up to 25 mins from right breast. Feed for up to 15 mins left breast.
11:30am - bed
1pm - wake baby, feed for up to 25 mins left breast. feed up to 25 mins right breast.
2:30am - bed
4pm - wake baby, feed 25 mins from right breast. up to 25 mins left breast. put baby down somewhere comfortable and safe, if she feeld like having a nap before. don't put baby to bed, she may choose not to sleep.
5:20pm - bath
6pm - feed baby 25 mins left breast, 25 mins right breast. Or another carer could give expressed milk.
7pm - bed
9pm - express up to 90 mls from right breast
9:30pm wake baby, feeding 25 mins from left breast, up to 15 mins from right breast.

It also says to set your alarm for 2:30am every night, incase your baby has not woken for a feed it is very important you don't go more than 5 hours without fedding your baby on this routine. If baby wakes at 12:30am, set alarm clock for 5:30am.
If she woke after 1:35am and fed, reset alarm for 6:40am to express.

Cooper 24-7-2009

thankyou!!!!!! I didnt do the whole expressing thing, just used the times etc...worked a treat for us, but i had to do a routine as ds2 was a specail care baby and he really loved a routine. still does at 19 months!!!

thankyou thankyou thankyou

I didn't do the expressing thing either and my son would just cluster feed when he was going through growth spurts.

No worries at all, hope your friends little one is going well.

Cooper 24-7-2009

is the next routine the one where you take the baby outside?? i am sure its there somehwere? TIA.

sorry,I did not use this but have to say that I do not know if I could take that someone named Tizzie very seriously lol.Tizzie sounds like she is in a tizz and frazzled

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I have the stuff you can buy off the net on my computer if you would like me to forward it to you?

Let me know and I'll be happy to do so smile

DSS 13yr, DS1 4yr, DS2 3yr

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